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Has Your Ex Contacted You During No contact?

There are times when you cannot stop yourself from reaching out to your ex.

Most people who tried with no contact rule will break it. No contact rule is so hard especially if you love your partner so much.

You will want to contact your ex because you will miss him or her so badly.

How to Respond to an Ex contacting you?

Think wisely and how it will affect you will respond as soon as possible.

If you are currently dating someone please consider his or her feelings.

Never rush to respond and be open and honest to them.

When your ex texts you.

Should I text back when my ex texted me?

When your ex texts you and he or she wants to see you, respond to something that is being casual and polite.

Never tell him how happy you are that you will want to get back together.

Keep in mind that many people experience the same as you do. The fact that your ex has reached out to you means that your no contact has been able to make your ex miss you and probably is interested in getting back together.

When your ex contacted you during no contact it means that there is a high possibility that you could be back together. But then again it depends on both of you on how you could manage everything.


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