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Will Time Make My Ex Miss Me Or Forget About Me?

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Oh the answer is so obvious. Of course, you will not forget about your ex especially if you just broke up. If the relationship is so significant for you and you love your partner a lot, changed the way you think about yourself, you will always remember it.

When the relationship meant a lot to you, it can be distressing to think that your ex already forget about you. You know that it is so hard to stop thinking about an ex-lover. Yes time will heal every wound that we had if no chance of coming back together.

You think about your ex…

It is normal to think of your ex especially after break up that that wounds that you have are still new.

However, you have also to limit or give time until when you are going to think or miss your ex cos some people even experience anxiety or depression that probably we don’t want to experience.

If you are worried about your ex and wondering whether he or she is thinking about you, try not to overthink things. Don’t allow depression and anxiety sucks you.

It is normal to be afraid that someone who once loved you deeply has forgotten about you. It also makes sense that you might feel hurt or even depressed but don’t overthink. If it happened to you start loving yourself.

What should I do to make sure my ex doesn’t forget about me?

After broke up there’s a lot of change that might happen. As discussed in the previous article, no contact could help you realize if you really love your ex, or are they deserving to win their back.

You cannot try to get your ex back by begging them to get back because this would be a huge mistake.

Try to change and have a new you. Post pictures having a new haircut, try to rebuild yourself and I'm sure your ex will never forget you.

Just remember that if your ex loves you and you really have a space in their heart, they will never forget you instantly.

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