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Will My Ex Move On If I Use No Contact?

Is there any chance that your ex could forget about you during no contact? Or is she will look for another guy because she is too tired waiting for you?

The chances of your ex moving on during no contact period are so low. So if you are thinking that you will not be missed, that she will find another guy, you should refrain from your mind.

There are some reasons that your ex will not move on during no contact.

They are still in love with you. Your ex still loves you and you cannot hide it. Love is a feeling that you cannot slide out so easily. If your ex really loves you, it will not fade away that so easily. Even how many months is your no contact period, it will not be going to erase the feeling of love and connection.

You are going to do things to help them keep on your heart and mind. Use everything like social media in order to keep you the spark alive. You use no contact technique in order to have missed them. In order to realize if where you both did wrong. Trust me, your ex will never use any contact period in order to move on.

They will just use no contact for the recovery process. Breaking up really hurt a lot. So both of you need time to reflect because of the pain that both of you suffer after break up. Never consume your time thinking if what will they going to do when we have no communication. Focus on yourself. On how to improve it because when the time comes and both of you have the chance to get back together, you even chance a little more in order to improve your relationship if ever both of you come back together.

The answer is always NO. Your ex will not move on during no contact. You should deal with the fear of thinking about this negative thought.

Just be strong and focus on how you could reach your goal during NO CONTACT.

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