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Why women a want break up

Simply, women want to end up a relationship because she is not happy anymore. A man should pay more attention to a girl’s heart.

Long term relationship brings us happiness and the worst out for us. When they end we felt that we crush the plane that we are flying for so long, leaving us in the burning wreck alone.

Be grateful that you are aware of your girl and you must improve your relationship behavior before your partner has the reason to break with you.

Reasons to break up

Being a keyboard boyfriend. Some guys just want to text or chat with his girl instead of seeing her face to face. That makes us, women so irritated because for us boys don’t exert effort for us.

Workaholic. Have time for your girls. Women like ambitious men, but spending all the time at work and not with her is actually a turn –off. Life is not meant to pay bills. Enjoy life with your girlfriend.

Being moody. Guys hate to be poked and prodded to discuss their feelings. We get that. Understand also the girl’s feeling when you suddenly change your mood. Make a better attempt to hid whatever is bothering you.

He hangs with his friends too often. It really happened to my friend. His man never considers the feeling of how to wait for so long. A man who spends a large amount of time with his friends after a certain age makes us, women, wonder something.

He lies. Remember that we girls investigate better than the FBI. Sometimes you are just about to lie however, we girls already knew it. So if you are going to lie, you better be good at it. We know when things are wonky.

He treats you differently around his friends. That is what I hate the most. Most of us know not to embarrass you or hang on you when you're with your friends. We understand that sometimes you need to cope up with your friends but please don’t treat us differently as if we are not existing.

He doesn’t listen. Guys sometimes are baldheaded. It's sweet that you want to fix our problems but what you need to understand is that that’s not always what we're looking for. Please just wait for us to finish talking and tell us what you think, even if you don’t agree with us.

Financially unstable. This speaks to your ambition, your drive as a manly figure. While your girlfriend may understand that the economy might be rough, what might not sit well with many is if you're not able to be there for her financially. Girls could analyze if you could work for your family in the future.

Not taking care of yourself. Small thing but it means a lot to us women. Remember that a well-groomed man is always a turn on.

I hope this article help you much on how to keep women of your dreams.…

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