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Why Is My Ex Silent?

We always use no contact rule after break up and sometimes it takes weeks and others only take 1 or 2 days because usually they already miss their ex.

Why is it that your ex gives you a silent treatment? Is it a form of punishment or is this their way to make you hate them?

Here are some reasons why your ex wants to be silent after break up.

When your ex is silent after break up, it is because they are in stage one or starting to live alone without you. They are still in the relief period. He might be so depressed of what happened with your relationship

At this moment you have to understand that your ex doesn’t want to be with you. And you need to work on accepting that things could change.

They might miss you. IF you are the one who decided to break up, it might be too hard for your ex to speak to you right away. Even if he chose the breakup, he wants to be silent because he actually misses you.

They want you to get over the breakup. Both of you want to move on for what happened. So your ex is thinking that he needs to be silent so that both of you will not find it hard to move on if you need to.

Your ex wants to hurt you so bad. Many relationships end with bitterness and ex might want to hurt you as you broke with him or he might have broken up with but still wants to hurt you.

If you are receiving a silent treatment from your ex, look at the brighter side. You might be upset that you are no longer with him but on the latter end you are so thankful by escaping that relationship.

They want a fresh start. It doesn’t matter who broke up, sometimes its easier to have a fresh start. If your ex gives you the silent treatment, it is because they are looking for a great start.

Your ex wants to talk to you at the right time. Sometimes your ex chooses to be silent because they want to be alone in coping up with the heartache that they suffering because of your break up.

Sometimes it's better to be silent because there is a lot of chance to get back together. Let time heal the wound and when the time comes you must be thankful if your ex reaches out to you.


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