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Where to meet on the first date?

The first date is quite nervous. What if they’re nothing like you expected? What if he or she doesn’t like me? What would I do if she or he won't want to share dessert I mean an immediate red flag?

Do you want to spend more time and money on someone you don’t even know?

There are lots of consideration that you need to consider when it's just your first time to meet up. Not all dates, especially its first time, would be successful.

According to what I’ve read, it's best not to give away too much personal information, like full name, address, and other information during your first meet up.

What is the best place to go on a first date?

I recommend you to have your first date at a coffee shop or somewhere that is public. On your first date, you need not take it for so long. 45 minutes would be good. You don’t need to talk too much about your personal details since it is just your first date.

Your first date would include building a connection wherein we will move to a more enjoyable location like a bowling alley, book store wherein you don’t need to talk all the time. Start also being physical here but keep it light. Going to a movie or getting dinner right away is not advisable. If you feel that you will not get connected, I mean there is no spark, say goodbye at this time.

If you do and you both are having fun, go to someplace where the two of you can be alone like buy something to eat and drink. Park/near the lake is advisable. You can have a slight kiss at this time.

Meet up on a bar for a happy hour. This is a more safe place since there are a lot of people surrounding you.

Watching a concert or show together. Watching band a or comedy show is so perfect if you are thinking of your safety. You can cheer together and probably will discover that you love both band or artist

Visit a local museum. For me, this is the most perfect place that you can do during your first date because your topic is not yourselves but with the things that you see in the museum. So you both focus on the art gallery or on the things inside the museum.

If it goes well, you could set up a second meeting.

Be gentle and polite all the time.

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