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What to say to your ex after no contact period?

Figuring out what to text to your ex after no contact period is quite challenging. Your text might not be going so well after you’ve ignored your ex after the no contact rule. You both given enough time and finally the day comes when you feel ready to reach out to him or her however at this time you are finding so hard and don’t know where to begin.

What are you supposed to say to your ex at this moment? You might say, hi, how are you.

There are probably so many words you want to say to your ex after no contact rule however it feels impossible to simplify the emotions of a break up into text.

Here are probably some tips that I am pretty sure would help you a lot.

What to say?

There are different ideas that you can use when reaching out to your ex. You have to maintain a casual, friendly, and upbeat tone however it still depends on the dynamic between you and your ex.

Make your first text about curiosity. It's really a big challenge to us because we are going to be focusing on how to initiate contact after the no contact period and we need to have a simple text message.

For example the best text message that your ex probably will respond immediately is “ I have a confession to make”.

Your ex might think of the negative side. Like he or she will think about the reason for your break up. Or in other cases, they might not think of that.

You have to find a way that makes them not think of the reason why you separate ways while at the same time engaging them in a conversation.

Send them a message about the good memories when you were together. This message should contain a positive memory when you were together. How happy your relationship is when you are still together. It should be a little bit serious at this time and a humorous one that is more likely to get a positive reaction.

For example:

“ I ate my dinner last night in at Dampa restaurant and I remember on how many cups of rice did you it that time. We are so happy because of the yummy seafood that we cook together. Do you still go there to eat? Even sometimes?

Engage them in a small conversation and hook them.

Leave your ex asking for more. The conversation after no contact rule aims to build a foundation for future conversation. Your ex will be interested in talking to you about the future.

Asked for advice. Asking advice to your ex would help re-engage a conversation. Remember that people typically feel honored when they are sought out for advice.

For example.

“ I'm trying to look for a horror movie, can you recommend? I know that you are a big fan of horror movies. Been looking for a good one but cannot find.”

Know their life update. Knowing your ex’ life change could also help. If you know that your ex was promoted to have a good new job, you can start a conversation like this:

“ I know you just promoted for a new position last month. I know you are probably new to that that is why I am just checking. How is it?”

You can send these messages at the time you think your ex is not busy and you know that they will not be destructed with their hectic schedule.

Once your ex response just is casual and continues to elicit positive memories and reactions. Always be patient and accept the fact that this is a journey. All you need to do is have patience in waiting.

Remember that it's been how many days since your ex has heard from you. Talking to them like old times can be so weird.

After getting into a huge conversation with them after no contact rule, the smartest play here is to engage time into a conversation so that he or she will reply and initiate more conversation.

Talk with politeness and always be casual so that you will be answered or replied.

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