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Sometimes girls don’t call or text back because of some reason that really hurts her or sometimes for no reason. But for men, it really sucks when girls cut off communication.

What to do when she stops texting you, cancels a date, and starts making negative comments to you more often?

A woman can only be attracted to you and stay attracted to you if she’s reacting to you more than you’re reacting to her.

1. Calm down, stop thinking negative things, and don’t make any snap decisions.

If you notice your girl that she definitely changes, never make any snap decision that could completely affect both of you. This always makes things worst. Take a deep breath think for how many times and understand what’s happening right now.

2. Never blame yourself.

You cannot control everything. So what whatever happened, never blame yourself. If you make a mistake, learn from it and move on. Feeling sorry for yourself doesn’t change the situation and it’s not that a big deal.

It is not your fault when someone is unable to see your worth. You did not do anything wrong so stop overthinking. Stop wondering whether you should have been more forward or whether you should hold yourself back more.

You don’t deserve what you are going through. You don’t deserve this uncertainty, this unhealthy relationship that has been bringing you more pain than pleasure.

3. Be patient. In every relationship that we have patient is very important. One of the hardest things to deal with is when you reach out to a woman, either phone or email, and you don’t hear back from them.

Get good at the waiting game and always do your best to be cool about it. Stop thinking of the negative side, the possible reason why she didn’t call or text you back. You’ll only make things worse. If you actually believe that she’s worth your time and energy then all you can do is be patient enough to wait for her.

4. Avoid calling and texting over and over again. It usually happened to both parties. When someone never calls or texts, they sent messages over and over again. The tendency, someone got annoyed. Calling and texting too much doesn’t communicate how much you care but rather it measures your patience to her.

It will show you being selfish and controlling that you are only thinking about yourself, and if she were to get into a relationship with you or marry you, how childish you would act if she didn’t get back to you. Just relax and she will probably text or call you back cos she will be worried if you never communicate to her too.

5. Respect yourself. There is nothing more important than feeling good about yourself and whether you have a woman in your life or not, you need to prioritize that. Always remember that only once you respect yourself will she respect you back. If she’s behaving in a way that completely violates you believe in and she keeps doing it regardless of how it makes you feel, that’s when you choose your self-respect and happiness over her. Respect yourself enough to stop investing too much time and emotion to someone who’s making it obvious that you are not important to her.

6. Stay busy. Be busy in order for you to forget what is going on. Probably she is waiting to contact you at a later time when she will be more available and in a better frame of mind to give you her love. So it’s time for you to get more busy cos it’s easier to be patient when you are occupied with goals, tasks, and activities. Remember that doing nothing while waiting for her to call and text back is the last thing you want to do.

When you are busy doing something like being busy with your career and focus on things that will give you a sense of pride and confidence, then you don’t even care anymore to wait for her to text or call back. A man that is so busy doing things in order to achieve his goal is the type of man that women should never ignore.

7. Understand that it happened to all men. Sometimes girls didn’t call and text back for no valid reason at all. She just wants to do it. This always happened to most men. If you experience this, there is no need to act like a victim, think you have it worse than other guys.

8. Avoid jumping to conclusions. If staying connected over text is important to your relationships, then having a partner who texts back right away is the greatest gift in the world. When she never text or call you back, never jump into conclusions or think of things that could ruin your life and your relationship. So never try to solve the problem by stalking her and snooping through her stuff.

If she isn’t responding to text messages or call you back, then there’s a very good chance that she’s scared of saying the wrong thing and turning you off. Don’t get depressed and feel sorry for you and at the same time don’t get angry. Be cool and Be kind to yourself. Do what is right and never waste time and don’t be unfair to yourself.

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