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What to do to keep your girl if she is not happy with your relationship anymore?

I experienced this with my past. I loved him but I am not happy anymore.

What can a guy do to make his girlfriend feel happy with him, without having to go through a break-up?

Not being wanted anymore hurts and so hard to accept.

Relationships are supposed to make you happy. So when you end up feeling yours is more like a burden. it can be frustrating.

why do people become unhappy??

There are some reasons why this happened. People changed and there’s nothing wrong with that. It can be hard though for a relationship to keep up with the change-especially if you haven’t had a chance to talk if what is happening.

What is important is you can figure out its roots and you can move forward and do your best in order to keep your girl.

Beware of your girl's feelings. Do something if you think that she changed.

A relationship needs nurturing. Remember your special days like anniversaries and your girl’s birthday.

Sometimes feelings already fade. You should be alert if that happened with your girl. Perhaps you would think that your relationship is a mistake to get together, or the relationship began for the wrong reason.

When there is already a loss of attraction. Always talk with your girl even if you are too busy you should find time cos whom you think she has a problem already. You are the very first person to know what she feels already.

Once you know that your girl loss her attraction to you, you must do something. You need then to maintain attraction and this is not something which happened passively.

Regardless of the things that you need to do that was mention above, your effort and attitude on how you keep your girl is very vital. Do your best so that the course of the relationship will back into a more positive light.

The decision of your girl always depends on you, your attitude, how to value and respect her.

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