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What to do: I want my ex back but they don’t have feelings for me anymore?

Updated: May 20, 2020

I love you, but I don’t love you anymore. This is so painful. Hearing this word, I don’t love you anymore”, makes you feel so unusual, as if it is already the end of the world for you. Or either way, I am not the best for you. I really want to find myself. Those are the killing words that you might hear from your ex.

You are still in love with him or her that is why you are going to do your best in order to let them be back again.

But how you will do it if your ex has no feelings for you. What are the possible ways that you must do in order for you to keep your relationship?

Getting your ex to fall in love with you again may seem an impossible task, but you know that it could be possible. Just do your best and you have to talk also to your ex about your feelings and what do you want.

1. You must determine first if your ex is still available. Before you do the moves, you must determine first if getting back together with your ex is possible and it’s the right decision. Find out first if she or he is not with somebody’s arms.

Never try to reunite with your ex if he or she is already dating with someone else, it may cause you trouble. In this case, you must pursue your interest and see other people.

2. You must consider why you want your ex back. Never let your ex come back if you are just afraid of being alone. That is not a good idea. Let him or her come back because you truly love him or her and you want to spend the rest of your life with him or her.

You must consider other’s people ideas if what is the reason on why you want your ex to come back.

3. You have to focus on yourself. Love yourself. You have to love yourself after break up because since we know that we become wasted, stress and we almost don’t have time to ourselves during the toxic relationship that we had. So after a breakup it's really a perfect time to focus on what we had lost. Begin to improve yourself so that getting back with your ex will become easier.

You can do it by taking up new hobbies, improve yourself physically by going out to a gym, and also consulting to a nutritionist for your dietary program and spending more time with your friends and family.

4. For men, try to invite your women for a date. This is the best start. Ask your ex if when is her available time to meet up. Thru this, you will be given a chance to catch up and this is also your right time to think if both of you are ready for reconciliation and if it is possible for coming back.

Never mention anything about your coming back during your first meeting. Much better if you would treat her first as your friend and always be casual.

You must look fantastic during your fist meet up. By doing so, your ex will be impressed because she will be thinking that you already changed a lot.

5. Remind your ex with your good memories. Talking your ex with good memories will help you in order to remind your ex with the happy time that you shared together. Thru this, your ex will be more open and there is a bigger chance for coming back.

You may also talk about the bad memories but at the beginning please just have the good one.

6. Observe if there is a sign of interest. If your ex never responds to your messages, answer your call and don’t want to go out with you, meaning he or she is not interested anymore for your getting back together. However if your ex is so friendly, excited for your meet up, and is happy while you are together, this is a positive sign that he or she interested in coming back.

Be careful with the decision that you make. Fight for your relationship. Just remember that for every problem there is a solution and never think that breakup would always be the solution.

If you are given a second chance, treasure it. Your partner might be your forever.

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