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It depends on how many days weeks or months is your contact rule. You are the one who will decide what is best for both of you.

If you contact your ex first, it only proves that you are the one who needs your than they need you.

When your ex finally contacted you and still you are on no contact period.

Of course, you tend to panic, you don’t know what to do and don’t know if you will answer back or let it be.

Sometimes simple text may be sent to you showing that they just miss you.

1. How’s tare you doing?

2. I miss you.

3. Can you fix my computer?

4. Hey, do you still have the T-shirt that I left? I just really need it.

Those are the possible message that you can get and its too abuse that he misses you.

If your ex text or email you…..

Don’t respond immediately. This is a big NO. Yes, you’ve been waiting for weeks just for that and he or she is suspecting it. Leave at least hours for that or maybe one day so that you will not be abused that you are missing them a lot.

When replying to him or her, make sure to follow the rules that you know. Don’t follow your heart. It may bring disappointments.

You have to make your message short. Just be direct to the point if what he or she asking for. Even if you cry for him or her overnight, please sound that you are happy with your text. Use exclamations, happy emoticons, and whatever characters that you need in order to show that you are okay and happy right now.

Be sure to end your conversation well. Don’t keep your dialog too long. I told them that you are busy and like you are out with your friends and you are busy so that he or she might not expect you to reply and reply. Your ex will think that you are happy and probably contented without him or her.

Never sound that you are needy! When your ex contacted you, you should be calm. When your ex contacted you, please be out of depression. You should feel relax and you are okay.

Never assume that your ex wants you back. Never told him or her that you need them.

Try to beg of someone’s attention. For example, begging the job interviewer to get a job or your boss for a promotion. What will happen?

The strongest point that you will make is when you are prepared to lose what you are fighting for.

Never panic when you receive a message from your ex, think for how many times before you reply. Remember that you are both on no contact rule. Though you still love him or her so much, never turn into a complete prick by any means of course.

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