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What your ex is thinking and feeling during no contact?

Updated: May 20, 2020

Does my ex think about me or completely forget me and start to move one? Is there any chance to be back together? Did I make a mistake in that I agree on the no contact rule? Those are the question that initially comes up in our mind during no contact. These are usually coming from the pain that we feel when we are not together.

You want to know if your ex is thinking about you, misses you, or wants to talk with you already.

This article will going to help you understand their feelings and what your ex is thinking during no contact.

First, for sure your ex is confused.He or she is thinking about all the how's and whys and what happened that changed you so much. Thinking if what happened to your past. Where did you and your ex get wrong?

He or she is also afraid that you have given up on him or her this early and could not believe it.

He or she is expecting to call you, to text you and imagining what if you knock on his or her door.

There are lots of things that your ex is thinking and in that way he or she can no longer sleep, one of the many causes of depression.

Second, he or she is regretting your action. Of course, your ex loves you so much that is why they could stop thinking about what they did wrong. Why did it happen to both of you?

After break up and separate your ways, your ex will surely miss you. They will start missing you all the happy and bad moments you shared.

Distance will make them feel so much lonely and your value as his or her partner. That is when they started thinking that he or she will do their best in order to win you back.

Third, they are wondering if you truly miss them. At this moment, your ex is starting to ask about you from your friends or maybe closed officemates. He can't help but keeps him or her thinking if what you are doing right now, did you missed him or her too?

This time he or she might feel aloneness.

Fourth, they might be thinking if you already moved on. One of the so many fears of your ex is to really think that you had moved on. They are afraid you might be dating someone else because you have no contact with him or her.

They are afraid that your break up would be the reason so that you will be in somebody’s arm. You don’t have to do anything in order for your ex to think that way because his or her mind will create so many scenarios because you have no contact.

Fifth, your ex is thinking that he or she already lost their identity. When your ex broke up with you, they might think that they already lost their identity. They are thinking that during your relationship, they might lost everything and now that they are single already, he or she would realize everything including what was lost. This is the time when they go out and do crazy things that sometimes might not agree or approve.

Your ex is thinking that he or she no longer needs you and treats you exactly how they would treat any other stranger that he doesn’t care about. Sometimes they already become rude and pathetic. Anyway, this is one cause of the pain that they feel after your break up.

You can maybe hear this to them, the words like:

Please leave me alone.

I am so done with our relationship.

Our future will be so dark and miserable.

I feel so relieved and I cannot believe I waited for so long to stop this.

Whatever the result of your no contact period, it is better that to just accept it because you are given enough time to think and discover everything when you are apart.

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