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A lot of people want to know really want to know what their ex is thinking during no contact rule.

It is very helpful that you must know if what your ex is thinking or what is going on, on their mind during no contact.

Does he think about me at all or has he forgotten about me? Does he misses me or even think about me? Is there any chance of getting back together with him?

Probably he is bound to think of you because the no contact period leaves him enough to do so.

Here are the most common thought of a guy during the no contact period:

He might regret his action. After he has a chance to experience life on his own, he will start missing you. He will begin to think. Is my decision correct? Is she okay right now? He will start missing the cherish moment that you share when you are okay together.

He finds it hard a little bit hard because he needs to live alone. He needs to decide things without you.

Distance made him see and feel that what you had was priceless and if he doesn’t make any effort immediately, you may find another guy and might have another relationship.

It always happened that you never value your partner until you lose them. You don’t know the worth of your partner until you are not with you anymore. During no contact rule, they may realize the worth of each other.

He is wondering if you miss him at all. He used to hearing and seeing you often and now you are gone. It's really hard to move on and be alone especially if you guys are always with each other when you are in good terms.

I miss that woman who always sends me messages. I miss that woman who replied instantly every time I send her message. Where are that women who cannot wait to see me and if I am late keeps on calling me?

He misses that woman who takes care of him and reminds him always when they forgot to do something.

I always wondered is she really missed me?

He is confused. Is she okay right now? Is she expecting my call or even expect to come by? Is she wants my explanation if ever? Is she expecting sad Facebook updates or any posts from me? What if I call her and go out with her? Is she will refuse?

These are the questions that may bother his mind during no contact period. It is quite so hard but we really need to.

Most men, after breakup are so sad, and yet they keep asking themselves if what happened to them with his ex. Is the decision that they made are correct?

He is wondering if she already moved on. This is usually what lovers are thinking after break up. Is she dating with somebody else? Is she is already at somebody else’s arm? After no contact rule, when I decided to be with her, is she going to accept me?

Men always hoping that their ex is not dating yet with someone new during no contact period. Some of them are asking for information about her to their friends or her friends.

Most men are regretting their actions. It's hard to be alone, to be independent and men experience it after their breakup. During that time when he keeps on asking if his decision is correct. This is when he starts missing you and all the moments that you shared together.

Yes, sometimes you don’t know the price of the people you love until you lose them. However, when you are already there, no matter what happened, you have to accept it.

After no contact rule, it's your time to decide whether you will let your ex be in your arms again or just let her go.

Whatever you might think, just do your best to change. Maybe after no contact rule, your new you will be appreciated.

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