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Breakup is so tricky. It happened because there is a deep reason. Nobody wants this to happen because it brings so much pain to us. Pain that everyone is finding hard to overcome.

Men are the one doing moves on how they would get back with their ex. One might say, you are the man on a mission because men are doing the best in order to get your relationship back.

What are you thinking when you heard breakup mistakes? Why do you want your ex back? Is it because you really want them to be with you for the rest of your life or just because you are afraid to be alone?

Mistakes to avoid if you want your ex back…

1. Getting Revenge. Planning to get revenge on your ex is not a good idea. It really means that you are just bitter and cannot accept what happened. You are thinking that when you are hurting, it can feel like revenge will make you feel better to show your ex the kind of pain that they inflicted upon you.

Always remember that living well is truly the best revenge.

2. Constantly hanging out at the place where you used to be. Going to the place where you usually hang out will not help you. You will just reminisce everything from your past and I am sure it will not help. It will give you a dramatic way of moving on.

3. Destroying your ex stuff. Destroying or burning your ex stuff will not help you in getting your ex back. Do you think if you will burn everything, they will realize that you love him or her?

4. Contacting their parents. Contacting your ex’s parents asking if your ex is doing fine is a big no.

5. Trying to apologize for everything that went wrong. Accepting that what happened to both of you is all your fault.

6. Comparing yourself to his or her exes before. You have your own identity. Aren’t you? So comparing yourself to others won’t help.

7. Looking at your old picture together. This won’t help because you are just trying to insist that you are still a perfect partner.

8. Accidentally text them. Contacting them right after a breakup would not help since he is trying to think and stand with your own.

9. Refusing to accept reality. This would not help because you know that it is already over however it is so hard for you to accept it.

10. Trying to make your things jealous. Posting pictures on social media with other friends. In that case, your ex will be thinking that you have someone new.

11. Staling your ex. It happened usually, especially for girls. Most of them are stalking their ex, especially on social media.

12. Suggesting your ex to have sex. This is a big NO. Having sex with benefits with your ex could never help.

Yes, we all know that it’s too hard to let go especially if we love our ex so much. If you think that your decision is wrong and you want your ex back, there is an effective way than could help us. Rather than thinking of negative thoughts that will help get rid of our ex, you must focus on ourselves first, on how we could change our bad attitude that possibly, the reason why our relationship comes to an end.

Just remember that this is not about convincing your ex to get back together with you. Whatever we did try to convince them, if they don’t want to, we have nothing to do about it but to accept.

When you are trying to get back together, you just have to be cool, calm, and be careful in handling yourself whenever you interact with each other. You cannot get them back if you didn’t let her feel that at least you changed.

To have the potential to get back together, you actually need to get over them so that you can both have a fresh start later on. If you already had your ex, be sure that you will take care of him or her and make sure you will keep your relationship to last longer and forever.

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