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Things guys do that girls love

There are a lot of things that boys must do so that women would love them. But it doesn’t mean that you need to make the extra effort so that women will notice you. We just want to be yourself always.

Below are the things that you must do that could help that could help you to be more attractive.

When he compliments you. It's awesome when a guy calls you beautiful instead of hot. Better when he says it in the morning.

When a guy runs fingers to their hair. During your conversation when you notice a guy is running fingers to his hair that is so much meaning for us, girls. Every woman that see you doing this will automatically like you.

When he has a great sense of humor. Obviously women love men with a sense of humor. Girls like a guy who makes her laugh and isn’t afraid to show his silly side.

When you catch him looking at you. Girls would love if the guy is not afraid of looking at her even though she catches him looking at her. When his eyes show emotion and his smiles gives you the butterflies.

When he offers you a jacket or sweatshirt. When a man offers you his jacket or sweatshirt during cold weather or when it is raining. This only shows that she wants you to feel comfortable and that he cares about you. This only shows to a girl that

He opens the door for you. It's too nice for a guy who always comes first and opens the door for you. Being a gentleman is an old fashion but this is so great for us that girls that he makes us feel princess.

If we want the girl and we feel that she want as too, this is a big help for us and we can start our first step.

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