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Signs your Ex is pretending over you

Sometimes you don’t need to pretend because your ex can sense it even you are miles away.

Break up is so hard and painful but what you have to do is just to accept it and move on if needed.

There are signs that your ex is pretending over you.

Your ex tried to make you jealous. Your ex posts pictures in social media showing with other people who are making them happy. They are just pretending that they are happy with someone else in order to make you jealous.

Body language. Your ex will show you a nonverbal sign that they are over you. For example, their eyes are blinking, rubbing hands together, and other gestures. Also pretending that they didn’t even care such as excluding you from the conversation, sleeping and yawning.

There are lots of ways showing that your ex is pretending over you especially if you only show them personally.

They delete all your couple photos and will just treasure one of them. It is just normal that the automatic reaction of our ex is to delete a couple of pictures but we didn’t know that they are treasuring one of them. Its a common reaction that they are deleting them because they don’t want to see your face in order for them to easily move on with the situation.

They are also doing this in order to hurt you. Maybe if you saw them accidentally and check your photos they know that you will be hurt if you found out that your photos got deleted. You will think that they already moved on.

Stalking. If you catch your ex stalking you on social media out of their awareness, this is a big sign that they are pretending to be over you. Remember that as long as your ex keeps an eye on you, they are still caring for you.

Refusing to give your stuff back. This is too obvious signs. The reason why they don’t give back your stuff is that they haven’t moved on yet or they still don’t want to forget you. Sometimes this is because they are still bitter about what happened with you.

I hope that this article will help you in analyzing your ex if they are still pretending over you.

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