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Signs your ex doesn’t want you back

If you still love your ex and you are seeing future with them, do your best to get them back.

Though this is not an easy task and those who are trying to get their ex back know that you cannot 100 percent sure that you will be successful.

Put a time frame. How long do you persist before giving up and how do you know that your ex is over you and its time to move on? How do you even know if your ex still wants you?

The hardest part about moving on from break up is to accept that the person who is the center of your world is not a part of your life anymore.

Sometimes the difficult part is you left hanging because you are not sure whether you will wait or you will let go.

Here are the signs that will help you think if you will hope to come back or not.

1. They told you so. Your ex told you that you need to move on. That you don’t need to include them in your dreams. We are not meant to be. Those are so hurting words that will crash your heart.

If your ex told you this right away after your break up, they might change their mind. But if it is about already 6 to 8 months after break up, then that is not so good because they have already enough time to think about it but still they don’t want you to get back.

2. Your ex doesn’t respond to your messages or even answer your call. This is normal if days after your break up they don’t reply to your text or don’t even answer your call. Maybe they want to think. However if after weeks and months you ex never bother to reply or read your messages on messenger and never pick up your call, that means that they are not interested in you anymore.

3. They are angry. If your ex said something to you directly that they are angry and if they posted something in social media that is directed to you. If your ex is angry obusely they are not ready to get back. Maybe time will heal and they will probably reach you. As anger can be good or bad. It depends.

The feeling of anger only creates more toxicity. If you cheated or did something really bad, your ex may be totally angry with you.

4. Your ex says they will never trust you again. Remember that trust once broken is one of the hardest things to rebuild. But if you change your attitude and show to your ex that you can be trusted again, trust can be rebuilt over a period of time.

5. Ex is not interested to see you. If your ex still cares for you, then she would be dying to see you again. But for how many invitations you are declined meaning they are not interested to meet up with you.

6. Responding when you reach out but you are given a short and polite response. This is better than don’t respond to you anymore. However this does not mean that they are already interested in coming back together.

7. They never care if you already dating someone new. If your ex doesn’t even care if you are dating someone already, then it means they are already over you. You can see their reaction if they still care cos they would normally directly or indirectly express anger or bitterness. Possible that they would confront you about it.

8. You deserve someone better. I need to have soul searching. This is usually being said by your ex who has a new boyfriend or girlfriend when you end up. This is also an excuse used by a person to free themselves from the guilt causing pain to someone. Remember that if you love your partner, you will do your best to deserve that person. If your ex keeps on using these words on you and you want still to get them back, you must think twice.

9. They are having conversations with you but they never mention getting back together. You have a good conversation but still, as a friend, and they never mention that they are interested in coming back.

10. You are being friend-zoned. You are seeing each other, having sex with each other, but never discussed getting back.

The decision is up to you. If you think you are happy with what you are doing then go on. But if you are being hurt for everything that you are doing, you have to think about it. Bear in mind that it is easy to have a one time pain than repeating it over and over again.

Good luck and just be strong. ……

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