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Signs Your Breakup May Be Temporary

Sometimes you broke up because you are just uneasy with the relationship that you have right now.

You just want to have space or you just want to let go with your partner without serious reason.

When one person no longer meets what the other is looking in a relationship, this is the cause of struggle that it will totally end even when the love part of the relationship is still strong.

You might regret your decision that is why it is a signal that you might get your ex back.

There are types of exes that are easy to get back:

1. Ended the relationship on impulse

2. Ended cos he or she just want a space

3. Not sure of his or her decision if she or he really wants to break up.

4. Your ex admire you from afar

5. Timing and luck

6. Your ex easily response to your texts.

When making any decision you have to think about how many times because it ends up to a bad result.

If you love your partner do everything that will make him or her happy and keep them.


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