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Signs wherein your ex doesn’t want you back

There are a lot of things that you could do in order to get your ex back. Every breakup gives us so much pain which is difficult to handle and accept. The worst feeling is that when you still in love with your ex but he or she doesn’t love you anymore and who already moved on with his/her life.

Yes, if you still love your ex, you will do your best in order for them to come back. But what will you do if your ex doesn’t love you anymore? Here are the best signs that your ex is not interested in coming back together.

1. He or she blocked you in social media and cut all forms of communication. A week or two, it is okay that your ex will not communicate with you. Maybe he or she is too hurt for what happened.

But after how many days or weeks and your ex never contact you anymore and you found out that you are still blocked on social media, don’t expect that he or she is interested in you. Start moving on and maybe you should start looking for a better one.

When your ex blocked you in all of his or her accounts in social media, change his or her number, it only means that he won't want to communicate with you anymore. That only means that he is not interested in seeing you no matter what.

2. You already hear the word, You’ll find someone else someday”. This is one of the most painful words during break up. It almost means the end. Your ex will never say these, if they are still love you. They cannot picture out to be with you in the future.

3. Your ex told you that you have changed. This is just an alibi. First and foremost, you are the same person from the start. If your ex loves you, he or she will accept what you are right now, and if in case they don’t want your attitude anymore, your ex will guide you along your way. Break up would never be the right solution.

Even though you did your best in order to change, there is nothing that you can do because your ex doesn’t like you anymore.

4. He or she return your stuff and wants his or her back. When your ex broke up with you but he or she still has feelings to you, much better for them that they must return whatever things that you gave them. In this way, they think that they could move on easily especially if they are planning not to come back anymore.

5. Your ex never tried to contact you. If in case it's already several days that your ex never attempts to contact you, don’t expect reconciliation. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your ex is rude to you. He or she knows that there is no need for both of you to stay in touch. They think that contacting you is not necessary, start to move on.

There are still several signs that you might observe if your ex doesn't want to be with you anymore FOREVER.

A. You are becoming friends with benefits which really hurts because we women are expecting that there is a possibility for coming back. But for men, there is no feeling anymore. Just friends however with benefits.

B. Your ex cancels dates at the last minute. This is so harsh. Sometimes your ex already start playing a game with you.

C. Your ex friend zones you. He or she never respond to your messages.

If you observed and experience those signs that I mention about, might as well start to move on. It is too painful at first but it is more painful when you are being crazy because of what your ex is doing to you.

Start loving yourself. This is the best thing that you could do. Accept the truth, truth really hurts but it is the only thing will set you free.

Focus on yourself because when you discover what lost with you during your toxic relationship, you will be thankful, thus this is the right time now to start building the new you. New career, new life and more powerful you.

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