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Signs that your ex will eventually come back

The feeling is not so easy when we are suffering pain as a result of break up. Sometimes it's very hard to tell what’s going on in an ex’s mind especially when they are too private people and don’t share much, for example posting what they feel in social media.

Most of the time exes don’t come back and those that do often have short time relationships. But nowadays, we can watch and read articles on how we could keep our relationship especially if it is already a second chance.

We often experience ups and downs in a relationship, a huge fight that is enough so that partners may end up their relationship. If you are not mature enough to handle a relationship, break up is always the result of every fight. But if I were you, I will think about how many times before I decide. We must consider the possible result, of course always be negative if we didn’t think wisely.

The fear of losing the person you love is always there but you have to face it and do everything to keep your relationship strong.

Here are the signs on how you could get your ex eventually come back.

Your ex shows insecurity. If your ex shows that he or she lacks confidence, who cannot stand alone on her or his decision, they are a weak-minded person and have a bigger chance to come back.

He or she is afraid to be alone and take care of themselves, thus cannot provide her own needs or wants.

So if your ex is insecure you could probably observe to him or her unusual traits like:

Ø When he or she is dumped and can’t find a boyfriend or girlfriend

Ø After your break up, you achieve your goals in life especially your career and everything that makes your life so fulfilling and your ex become now so envious

Ø When you start going out with someone new and your ex become jealous

Your break up was without serious disagreement. If your break up is so relaxing and showed no harsh feelings with each other, then this is another sign that you must end up with reconciliation of getting back together.

In this situation, both parties show respect for each other. Maybe the break up has a no deeper reason. And since they show respect, of course, they appreciate, like, and care about each other.

When your ex always tells you that they miss you and they are so sorry for what happened. This is one of the biggest indicators that you both want to be each other again. You can see that your ex clearly regret what happened and that they don’t want to live without you.

They are doing there best probably to win you back and if they started to show how much they regret what happened then think about it. It’s a big sign.

If your ex makes an effort to stay close to you. When you notice that they are making an effort to call you, send you text messages from time to time and they propose of hanging out together as if you didn’t break up. This entails that your ex misses you a lot and they even always ask others advice if who can he or she get you back as soon as possible.

When your ex is always asking if you are having a date with someone new. Of course they want to make sure that you are not dating someone else.

When this type of question came from your family or friend, it is perfectly normal but if your ex is asking you like this, there is meaning and motives. Obviously when your ex is curious about your status right now, he or she wants something else. She or he wants to know if there is a possibility that you will accept him or her if incase.

He or she is always telling you that he is she has changed. You both know why you broke up with your ex. Either of you two is the problem so most probably you already knew whos fault is your break up. During no contact, you can probably picture out what happened to you in the past so that you will not do it anymore once you come back and have a new and fresh relationship with your ex. Make sure that it will happen again so that you can have a strong and long relationship.

Most of the time the reasons why your ex is not telling you that she or he wants you to be each other again are his or her pride, fear of rejection, and the feeling that you deserve somebody who is better than him or her.

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