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Signs that you should know if a women LIKE you...

Well how would you really know that women like you? Man can read signs because women always express what they want to thru body language. You can easily read what is in their mind and heart.

Men usually initiate moves if they like women to be their date and women also show their feelings if they want the women sometimes thru movement.

When you are interested to a women and you want to know if you have the same feeling, read the following signs:

1. She makes eye contact. When a women look at you with her twinkling eye, it means she is interested in you. If she looks at you when you are talking to each other, or makes an attempt to catch your eye, that is a positive sign.

2. She asks personal questions. That really means she is more interested in you. Because just remember that if we women don’t even care with you, we will never be interested in your personal life. She will ask you about your dreams, passions, and values. She will be interested also in your family.

3. She will touch you. That is a positive sign when the girl makes ways or excuses to touch you in any way. Her arm might brush against yours and she might throw a teasing punch at your arm. I am pretty sure there is a spark between you and her. She rubbed or lean into you when you are close.

4. Running fingers through her hair. The usual reaction of the girl if she really wants you. This is the movement that every girl is doing if she saw a guy that they think could truly make them happy.

5. She changes her appearance lately. If she started to wear makeup, blooming, doing her hair differently. She exerted a lot of effort in order to improve her appearance.

6. If she teases you all the time. If she teases you, is their physical touch involved? If she laughs when she teases you and keeps an eye in contact, there is attraction. In this case, she wants to have a good time with you. A moment with you.

7. She is following your posts on social media. If she Snapchat you often, comment, react on your photos that is a positive sign. If there is consistent attention to your social media it really means she is thinking of you often.

8. If she loves to talk with you, asking advice and consider your opinion about different things. If a woman likes a guy, she really loves talking with them. So that is absolutely a great sign that she likes you.

If a girl likes a man for sure she will exert an effort on how she will express it. So boys be sensitive enough.


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