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Signs that you ex gone for good

Is my ex started to move on? Is she or he has gone for good? The truth really hurt especially if we are still expected to get back together.

It's totally natural to wonder if what your ex is doing right now. Are they on already moved on? Are they on other arms? We are afraid of knowing the truth and in reality you are never going to know for sure.

Let us focus on the things that we can control. They things that you can do in order to change our situation and improve yourself.

Here are the signs that your ex is already moved on and gone for good.

Your ex never attempts to contact you. It hurts but its number 1 sign that your ex has moved on. They never contact you and let you feel that they missed you. Try to think of yourself also and start moving on if for a long time they never contacted you.

They are dating someone new for more than a month or so. As I’ve discussed the rebound relationship, it is when your ex jumps into a new relationship in order to ease the pain that they have after break up. But when your ex is already dating someone seriously its different situation also. Probably they moved on.

Your ex never responds to your attempt of making them jealous. If you tried making your ex jealous for example you posted on social media that you have someone new or your dating someone and they never reacted, meaning they are totally moved on. Or, if you saw your ex and you are with someone and they have casual response meaning it is okay for them that you are with others' hands.

Your ex never replied or react or got interested in your jokes or even if you bring up your happy memories from the time you are together. This is too painful when you let them remember the memories that you had and they never reacted. When you throw them with joke they never laugh with it anymore.

This is heartbreaking signs which means there is no chance of coming back together.

They are angry, rude at you whenever you talk. Everyone knows and even from experience, it's very difficult to be civil to your ex especially right away from break up because the wounds are very fresh.

If your ex is still rude to you meaning he cannot move on with your break up and the pain that causes your break up. So you have to give them more time to heal the wounds and calm down.

It's really hard to accept that we are not meant to each other. But time will come when the wounds are gone, we will realize that it's better that it happened to us. Remember if we already did our part in order to keep our relationship, and still it didn’t work we need to let go of each other. Maybe it is the right thing to do than forcing ourselves to be each other and we are already unhappy.

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