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Updated: May 26, 2020

It hurts when your ex is not interested in you anymore especially if you still love them. If I will do my best to make him or her back, does it worth fighting for? Is there any chance to win him or her back or I am just wasting my time.

Nobody will want that after how many months of trying to get your ex back, you will just realize that all of that is a waste of time, energy, and effort.

Signs that you need to see in order for you will think that what you are doing is just a waste of time.

Your ex never responded to your text. Especially for women, if they really ignore their messages and never respond, meaning, we are not interested in you anymore. There is a deep reason. In this case, start deleting their number and you can start also to move on.

They cheated on you. This is so serious problem. One of the best reasons why lovers broke up. Cheating is never a mistake. It is a choice. It is a complete betrayal. So when your partner cheated on you, you must think of it because they will not do it if they are still respecting and love you. It only means that this person is never satisfied with your relationship.

Your effort has been ignored by your ex. If you already do your best. Make of the best effort that you have however still its no value on your ex’ part, then think of it. If your ex wants you to come back, he will accept every effort that you will show to him or her. Think of the possible scenarios that will happen. What you are doing is so useless if your ex doesn’t love you anymore. Don’t give him or her your time. Divert it to yourself and start to look for someone who would take care of you.

Your ex got married. This is obvious that you are just wasting your time. Think about what will happen to you if you start seeing again with your ex if he or she is already married. You will be in trouble.

What if he or she left their marriage in order to be with you. Are you going to be both happy?

If your ex cheat their marriage and start seeing with you? Do you think it will last forever? There would be wrong with it. So now stop wasting your time if your ex is already married. They got married for a reason. If they want to be with you forever, they will not accept the proposal of his or her new partner.

You are a loser. If you never change and be a quitter, never tried to exert effort and be with your ex again. IF you are the kind of person who easily gives up on any problem that you will encounter with your partner, never attempt to let him or their back in your life. It is just a waste of time.

Sometimes, it's really up to you. Both of you and your partner will be the one who will decide if you still want each other. If your broke up has a deeper reason, then work hard for it so that you can get your ex’ back.

What if she comes back in your life again, still there will be a fight again. And every time you fight with each other, throw words that hurt so much, they didn’t think about you.

What if they come back and start cheating you again? What if they abuse you again?

These are the things that you must consider before you start doing things that will make you ex come back. If you will never feel satisfied with what will happen and what is happening, think over and over again.

Is it better to move on? Or still, do my best to win them back?

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