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Signs that he suffers more after break up

During break up, women cries, asked advice from friends, and eventually get over it. However, men have different emotions. He never cries but he has his own way on how to overcome or ease the pain that he is suffering, as the cause of break up.

So are you sure that men have moved on the day after they broke up with his girl? Absolutely instead of dealing with what happened they try to mask their feelings and 100 percent the heartache that they have is double as compared to his girl.

So what are the signs that he hurt a lot?

1. He blocked you or removed you in social media. This is an automatic reaction of the man when he hurts a lot. When he wants to move on easily, he doesn’t want to see your face even the memories that you are together.

He just wants to ease the pain that he has right now. This really means your ex feels sad like you do. When your ex blocked you, don’t ask what happened, understand the pain that he is suffering right now.

2. He is avoiding you. You can be sure that your ex is really in pain after your break up because he is afraid of confronting you. He is avoiding you because he doesn’t know how he would react whenever he saw you. Sometimes he doesn’t want to see you because he doesn’t want you to see how he suffers.

3. Negative consequences. Sometimes he just wants to be alone and doesn’t want to go out with friends anymore. He already lost his job, ambitions, and depressed also. Men have different ways on how to figure out and losing the pain that they have after break up.

4. Your ex failed on dating. Men go out for a date because he just wants a rebound. They are thinking that he will date a woman in order to at least lessen his suffering. But once he hurt too much trust me there is no successful date that will happen.

Whatever the pain that we have after break up, acceptance is the best cure for it. Yes it is too hard to move on but when you accept that you are not for each other, I’m sure, the wounds that you have will be healed.


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