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Signs that a woman is flirting with you

For a girl or women like us, flirting is full of excitement. When a guy notice that the girl is flirting to him, believe it or not you guys really want to jump in for something.

Most probably during your first date, you will notice if the girl is flirting with you or not. You will notice if she likes your company or not.

The thing is, you are confused with the signs that the girl is showing to you.

Simple signs of flirting:

Girl always doing flirtatious touching. This is a quite obvious sign. She is showing interest in a romantic touch.

She might also place her hand on your arm or legs while having an intimate conversation. When he taps on your back and is quite firm.

Dirty eyes looking away and back to you. If she looks at you with her seductive eyes.

Running a finger through her hair. Hair is actually a common way that the girl will signal attraction to you. If she keeps playing her hair when talking to you, then this is a positive sign and your next step is to ask her number of Facebook account so you can take her on a date and then.

Turning in her seat towards you. One of the strongest signs that the girl is flirting with you is to know and feel her body movement. If she move closer enough and her leg brushes against yours, this is so perfect.

Laughing when you talk. This means she wants to listen to what you are saying and she is happy to be with you. She is trying to help you along. So this is a very strong signal that she wants you.

Casually she lets you know that she is still single. In this case, absolutely she wants to find out that she is single also. So the next thing is she will ask you a lot of personal questions that she will be interested in your answers.

She brags and tries to impress you. She will find a way in a conversation that might impress you.

There are a lot of things and flirting signs that the girl may show to you. It's up to you on how you would react on it.

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