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Signs that a girl doesn’t like you

Had you experienced that you really like a girl but she doesn’t like you? This is probably a great challenge for you. You can talk about it however there is some obvious indication that she doesn’t like you.

#1. She responds to your messages or answers your call at her convenient time. It's too painful but since you are not her priority, she will just answer your messages or pick up your call whenever she wanted to. She is not excited about your text messages or even your call.

#2. She always declines when you invited her somewhere. This is an obvious sign that for the girl if she never wants you. She doesn’t want almost to see you and not happy whenever she is with you.

#3. Don’t want physical contact. When a girl likes you, she will initiate physical contact with you like rubbing against your arm. But contrary when she doesn’t he will never want to have contact with you. If the woman you love isn’t doing this thing, and if her body language is unapproachable, she is giving you a sign that she is not interested in you.

#4. When she tells you directly that she doesn’t want you. It is so heartbreaking on the part of man when she tells on your face that she doesn’t like you. That she just wants to have fun. If she told you upfront that she doesn't like you then its time to move on.

#5. You never heard her about plans in the future. If you guys trying to talk about your future with her and she isn’t responding, think about it. She is not interested in you. But if she wants to talk about something that may happen in the future you should be happy cos she is interested to be with you.

#6. Not interested to be introduced to your family. An obvious sign. Because every girl is excited to be introduced to the man’s family unless she is not interested or doesn’t like you.

There are a lot of things that you should know if the girl is interested in you or not. If you have noticed it, better move on.

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