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Should you send your ex holiday greetings like birthday, Christmas and other special holidays?

Are you true friends? What is your intention in reaching out to your ex?

If you are just trying to prove yourself that you already moved on, please don’t. You don’t have to do this just to show that you had already moved on. Just remember that you already get rid of the dramas and mind games, but if you already reach out to them, it will start again.

It is not your birthday. You don’t have to keep trying to force the fact that you are friends. Let time heal the wound then maybe in the future everything will be okay then you can great each other casually as friends.

Don’t send them messages if you are just getting in touch to get their attention. This person hurt you so bad. Absolutely you are not desperate. Why do you need to great them to feel special? Focus on your own life and get busy with it. Find a new friend that will help you set free.

You have to bear in your mind that the person you want to spend more time, never reciprocate. Can you remember that you never had a gift from your ex during your relationship? It hurts right? Then why you are going to exert more effort in order to feel them more special? That is a big NO.

Never contact them if you just feel lonely and need some drama. Your ex may be flattered if you will do it. They will think that absolutely, you haven’t moved on yet. They will be happy jumping into your life again because they know that you are weak.

Reaching with your ex on especially days is not bad but you have to know your intentions. Be honest enough with yourself. Know your reason why you are reaching out.

When there is already a true friendship and you already moved on, never expect a reply or outcome because you are not lovers anymore. True friends never expect in return.

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