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No contact Rule: Reasons why it always works

Updated: May 19, 2020

Most lovers uses no contact rule after they broke up. For them that is the most effective way on how they could freely think if what happened to their relationship. Moreover, we use this also to grieve on your past relationship and at the same time start to move on if you want to.

We all know that break up causes so much pain and it is really brutal so as much as possible we need to look for a way in order to cope up with it. The pain of losing your loved one have so much impact on us.

Does no contact rule really works?

In my own experience, no contact rule is the most effective way on how to regain self-confidence after break up. Thru this you will learn how to become a new and powerful individual again. Yes it is so sad to be alone but you will find yourself, who was lost during your relationship with your ex.

No contact rule is a better way to gain perspective on the relationship and start to heal and discover that you could do more to keep your relationship. It is also the best way to heal and make yourself stronger after a breakup. It will work when you follow it properly.

Why no contact rule always effective:

1. It will help you with him. Yes it is always being heard and said that “Time heals” but how you could move on and heal the wound that you have if you are always seeing with each other. No contact rule gives as space and a chance for us to think and recognize our mistakes in our past relationship. Thus, if you will be back again, struggles that will come will be easy to handle.

It is also a period that will give you enough time to go through the stages of grief that is a necessary part of healing. You can never do this if your ex is still in front of you. And just remember that you decided to broke up because you want space. You want to smell the fresh air and find yourself.

You will also discover unexpected things. Maybe you will discover that you are much happy without him or you are missing him or her so much and you cannot live without your ex.

2. Maybe you can already entertain someone new. No contact rule will help you realize if your ex is worth to be treasure or let go. You might be ready for dating a new however you can never do this if your ex is always blocking your way.

You may be excited to date another person and probably you will find out if that person is the one who will make you fulfill everything in your life. In the beginning, yes, you will agree that every step is too tough, however, through this, you will realize everything. You may realize that there is still a chance to be happy and not with your ex. Or either way, you still need your ex and start all over again.

3. Avoid the endless on and off a cycle of a relationship. On and off is too toxic. I experienced this and its too tiring. Sometimes your relationship doesn’t grow anymore. People around you especially those who are supporting your relationship are not happy anymore. So in this state, the no contact rule, you will be given enough time to think and decide.

4. No contact rule gives you space to think, smell the fresh air, and to discover why both of you failed. We all know that break up is a very emotional part of our relationship. It is necessary that we are given enough time to think, to grieve, and to really be alone. Thru this you will find everything that was lost while you are in your toxic relationship. You will realize what has been wrong and if your past is worth fighting for.

You are the one who is the captain of your ship. Give the best shot while you are in a relationship. Always talk with your partner whenever you feel that there is something wrong. I and my partner is already 8 years together and whenever there is the trouble we always solve it together.

Breaking up is not always a solution. It brings us so much pain so never allow our relationship to suffer. For sure no contact rule is not needed if we manage to keep a healthy and happy relationship.

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