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Mistakes that you should not make during no contact

Am I doing no contact correctly?

We are thinking that no contact is like simple as we just not make contact with our ex. But for some, it is the most difficult part of the breakup cos you cannot communicate with your ex anymore and you are thinking of everything that is happening with him or her right after break up.

There are common mistakes that you must know during no contact period.

Simple. That no contact rule is just about cutting contact with your ex. This is a big mistake because it is not as simple as that. During no contact period you must need to analyze everything. Where did I go wrong? What happened to our relationship? Am I not worth it?

If you think that no contact rule is just cutting contact about your ex you are just like signing up to a marathon and waiting for 30 days without training.

They are going too fast. They finish their no contact period so fast that is why their chances of getting back together are not little.

They are doing no contact rule in order to heal from break up. This is not good because both parties are forcing themselves to heal the wound that they are suffering after break up. It will be a mistake to settle only for that during this 30 day period when you can do much more with the time. Of course it’s important to give yourself a break or time to feel better after break up but don’t heal too fast.

It’s about time to make your ex jealous. Another common mistake during no contact rule. They think that this is the time wherein you can make your ex jealous. They think that when their ex misses them they will immediately reach out to them.

Use no contact rule correctly so that there is a higher possibility that will make your ex back.


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