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Mistakes that we should not make: It will push away our ex forever.

Who wants to be hurt? Who wants to end our happy moment with our ex. Of course we never want it to happen.

Controlling your emotions won't be easy since you know that after break up different emotions will arise. By that time, you are so vulnerable and you are being bullied by your emotions because you care about this person and you love them that is why you want to save your relationship. It doesn’t mean you cannot do it. You have to control yourself because you need to.

There are common mistakes that we should not make if we want to get our ex back.

1. Chase. This behavior should be avoided. Don’t show to your ex that you are still jealous,

controlling and you have low self steam, This will not help. It will just push your ex away.

2. Beg and plead. Never do this. This is a turn off on your part. Never talk them like you want them to get back to you. I will never work because they are already programmed themselves to do what they want.

3. Requesting to see your ex even for the last time. Remember that they want to end your relationship because they don’t want to see you. So don’t push a meet up.

4. Plot revenge. Thinking of revenge will help your ex go away. They will never like your attitude like planning for revenge. If you want to eliminate the chance of getting back together then do some unnecessary things that will never help your ex from coming back.

5. Show up where your ex is. Stop stalking with your ex. It won't help.

6. More talk fewer actions. Most of the time after break up, people try to reach out to their ex and talk to them about their relationship and the breakup. Sometimes they are looking for closure and maybe trying to convince your ex back.

You never want to talk to your ex at all in the first weeks after breaking up and that is true. SO talking or contacting from time to time with your ex is no good.

Even if you think that you have something to tell in order to change their mind, don’t talk to them.

7. Public displaying your emotions. Posting on social media of what you feel right now, would be a turn-off. Never log on Facebook and tell the whole world about the heartache or pain that you are feeling right now. Never post sad quotes related to what happened to you and stop talking to your friends because you're too upset.

8. Thinking you can figure it out with your own. Don’t think that you are smart enough to win your ex back by yourself. Most of the time you are doing wrong moves while thinking that you are on your right path. Try to seek help from people around you whom you think they really care.

If you want your ex back, never do mistakes that would throw him away rather than getting them back.

Best of luck……

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