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Well, blocking your ex really depends on different situations. It is sometimes necessary in order to keep you away from them and also them from you.

Blocking your ex on social media and phone especially after a break up can certainly help you move on. Remember that break up is too traumatic for both partners, no matter who ended it.

Although not all breakups end badly, blocking your ex can be absolutely necessary. It helps a lot in order for you to move on. Moving on as quickly as possible is what you want, then removing them from newsfeed could help a lot.

If you feel that your ex is too abusive and not treating you well, then do it. You have the right to block them and remove them in your contact lists and it is the healthiest thing to do.

But do you know how it affects your ex? Your ex might think that you are strongly affected by what happened to both you. That you are truly hurt and finding hard to move on. It's really up to you.

If you are struggling to move on might as well block him.

The question is: are you ready for this? Are you ready not to see them even in social media or even texting them?

When you decided to black your ex you cannot add them on the other day. In my own experience, if you want to move on, then it's better to block them and don’t see them anymore until you are already okay. In this case, you can go on and live alone.

What is your reason for blocking your ex?

You need of course to be strong and stand on your decision when you block your ex. Its simple to do this but the impact on you is read.

1. When they cheated, block them. Cheating is not a mistake, its really a choice. When your ex cheated you, for me it’s a big sign that they’ve done. There are no words that can heal the pain that they brought to us.

2. You want closure. This is one valid reason that you need to block your ex. Cut your communication in order to obtain closure. In this case, you could avoid seeing updates to them.

3. Block your ex so that you can have a peaceful mind and heart. Sometimes you just want to block them just to end everything. End what is on your mind and just moved on. Whatever will happen next let's just face it. What is important is we can start it again.

4. One glass of wine and you will be scrolling those old photos. Yes, that is correct. After doing it, for sure you will cry and have melodic drama. It is always nice to reminisce old times, but doing it immediately after a breakup is just torture.

5. You might start comparing lives. If you ended your breakup very badly, then you are rooting for him or her to fail. You may want to check his or her profile daily to see if you’re doing better compared to them.

6. Of course, you will get mad if you are the one who blocked first. Funny but true. He or she might unfriend you first. The feeling is a little bit worst and sometimes you will think of bad things that could be done to your ex.

Basically most of them are thinking that if you are the one who first blocked or cut communication with your ex, you are the one who is hurt so bad. But for me, it doesn’t make sense. I will block if I need to.

If you have a happy life already, a happy career, and contented with your life after you lost your ex, do you need to block somebody?

I hope this article could help you…..

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