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I regret and feel guilty breaking up with my ex: How to get my ex back?

Do you think your boyfriend truly feels guilty about how you both handle your past relationship? Is there is any regret on his side why it happened to both of you?

Being guilty results in to change on behavior and he won’t do anything just to hurt you again.

Is he probably regret his decision? Did I mad him? Was I loved? Was I worth it?

Not all lovers are happy with their breakups. Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves and we decide to end a relationship in the heat of a moment. This is not good since according to what I’ve read, it is not good to make a decision when you are too happy and too angry. It will not probably work out.

Building a relationship with guilt and pity is not a good idea because it is a bad emotion. Sometimes breakup just happened because both of you are not in the mood, one is angry and the other one becomes angrier too.

Remember that there is no relationship that will last longer if both partners will not give each other away and be humble.

There are signs that your ex might feel guilty for letting you go.

If he told you so. If your ex keeps on telling you that, hey I feel guilty what happened. I feel guilty about how I treat you, hurting you. That would be a great sign. Sometimes, you can see that he or she feels guilty about their moves.

When they are trying to make things up to you. They are trying to tell you how amazing you look. Tell you that he will be there if you need him. They will serve you to the very best as soon as you need him.

Your ex is too shame to speak with you. There are so many times when your ex can't even look at you. I mean eyes to eyes after certain things that they’ve done. They are too guilty about how he hurts you.

They speak very highly of you to others. Your ex takes responsibility for the breakup and they don’t want to hear any negative about you to others. They don’t want you to suffer.

Saying its not you. It’s him or her. Accepting what happened is her/his fault. And of course, there is a reason why they do that. This is one of the breakup excuses that dumpers usually says in order to take the blame for the breakup.

When your ex says, it's not you, it's him or her then it is one of the best signs that they regret hurting you.

Hiding his or her new partner from you. This sign means a lot. When your ex hides his or her new partner from you, they might afraid of hurting you again. This is true if your ex goes straight from other relationships after they break up with you.

Change of behavior. When your ex suddenly becomes incredibly restrained, your ex has a valid reason. He or she is thinking that they hurt you already and they don’t want to hurt you more.

He apologizes quite a bit. When your ex apologizes for leaving and hurting you, it is a great sign that he regrets hurting you. Sometimes, you cannot already count on how many times your ex had apologized to you.

Getting your ex back….

Make some changes in your life. If you think your attitude is the reason for the breakup, make some changes. Start working on some of those negative attitudes that you think those are the reason why you broke up with your ex.

Be as truthful as possible. If you make plans then know how to stand with it. You should stick to them. Know how to work on regaining emotional intimacy.

I have so many articles that could help you on how to get your ex back if you need further information.

Always remember that there are many ways on how you can get your ex back and its up to you if what are your strategies on how to win them back.

Why leave if you still love her/him?

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