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How To Make Your Ex Regret Losing You

Love hurts. If you get in loved, you must prepare yourself in different kinds of pain. Pain that will surely crash or broke your heart. And when it comes to love there are no rules.

When love is already lost because of certain reasons, break up happened.

You might think that there is no way that they could make their ex breaking up with them especially if the reason for break up is deep something like cheating or lying. But if you are honest enough willing to apologize, make things right and polite, I can highly assure you that your ex is going to regret leaving you.

Do you think is it possible to make an ex regret breaking up with you?

Breaking up is not that so easy and there is no way that your ex will gonna regret your decision. After all, they’re the one that decided to break things off.

For you to start, you must consider the things that you need to do on how to make your ex regret in leaving you.

#1. Never contact your ex. Cut your contact with your ex. I know that breaking up is so hard but you have to show it to yourself that you can do moving on alone.

It is so important that you will avoid contacting your ex so you can start the healing process.

#2. Boost your confidence. You know that from the beginning, you are all alone and you are doing things that made you happy. By the time you are busy with your ex-partner, you focus on your relationship. Never thinking that you already lose your self-confidence.

We lose track of our passions and our lives, and we tend to make our lives revolve around our partners. Right now, we regret that they’d become our priority.

When they become the center of your universe, it becomes dangerously easy to for you to lose yourself.

As we begin to dive into how to make an ex regret leaving you, we need to focus on restoring our self-confidence. So by the time you see each other, they will regret leaving you.

#3. Move on and change your life in a positive manner. You should fight depression. Go out with your friend. Stand up and fight for yourself. Love yourself above all.

It's so sad that you lose your companionship of a person you loved but sometimes that is needed when you need to figure yourself and live out.

You should go out and make a physical transformation. Why not dress differently? How about engaging in sports, hitting the gym, and getting fitter.

As soon as you are doing it for yourself and you are happy with the result then you will not notice that your ex is regretting leaving you.

Be happy always. Go out with a new circle of friends. Hang up with them, go to bars, and other places that will not remind you of your ex.

If your ex see you that you are not sad and as if you are not upset with your break up, I'm sure he will regret and asked why did I leave him or her.

#4. Mind over matter. The mind is too powerful. It always says that if you choose the one you love, mind and heart should meet and match. When you choose to be happy or find your happiness, you are pretty much forcing your ex to regret breaking you up.

#5. Use your friends. If you want your ex regret in losing you, you can use some means. Communicate it to them with the use of your friends.

Never afraid to in touch with their friends after break up. They are not the one who broke you up. They are still your friends. When they see you are happy and they tell your ex that you are already happy, he's got no choice but to feel like too much regret.

Breaking up is the most painful part of the relationship that is why you must think for how many times before deciding to do so. You might end up with regretting if you got a wrong decision.

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