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How to make a stubborn ex back

Do you have a chance to get them back if your ex is stubborn?

After break up we are always thinking of many possibilities that may happen as a result of the pain that both of us are suffering right now. Did they miss me? Are they going to reach out or they are already in somebody’s arms?

Of course it's too hard to get back a partner especially if they are stubborn. They will probably do what they want, thinking that they could easily move on. They will stick to every decision that they will make.

But how we are going to help ourselves in order to make our stubborn ex back?

You have to forget about your past and create a new relationship like as a friend. Treat them casually as if no hurt feelings happened. If you will open up if what happened to you before, of course your stubborn ex will never forget that. You will not be successful in doing it with regards to your old relationship. Therefore what you need to do is to start something new and fresh with them. You can start with a new chemistry first.

Improve yourself while giving them space. During no contact rule, while trying to move on or thinking about what happened to your post-relationship, you can also do everything in order to improve yourself, change your attitude that probably one of the reasons while you broke up.

Try to change cos when you do and change on the inside and become more loving and fair individual then it will come out and your ex will be thinking to come back.

Make her want you back by attracting her in more interesting ways. Do extra effort and if you are serious in your previous relationship, at least add a sense of humor or be emotionally masculine rather than emotionally feminine.

Some of a guy is being emotionally neutral in a relationship so be more exciting right now. You have to do your best so that you could please your partner and if you are a guy don’t be too soft to handle your relationship. It is a turnoff.

Wait for the right time. The time to attract your ex and never speak about serious relationships or even engagement. Remember that stubborn ex is not easy to deal with. They will make decision wherein they are thinking that they are always correct. In that case, you need to interact stubbornness with an easy-going nature and not force things. Don’t be stubborn also. Do the opposite thing that will help you make your ex back. Being patient could also help.

Let her feel that they are in control. Nobody is against incoming your ex back except if you are being abused by your partner. So you will do everything just to have your ex back again. If you are a guy having a stubborn girlfriend, you just make your girl feel in control of your relationship. In this case you will attract her but don’t push her for a relationship.

If you suddenly change your mind and start to try for a relationship again, it is really a turn off on your partner's part because it seems that you are going back to how you were before. Let the time heal every wound that you have and start a new one.

Never give a chance to let your ex reason with you. The truth will never give them back. For stubborn ex, any form of reason is like making them desperate or let them beg to you. This will never on the situation that you are having right now.

Try to invite your ex to some common place. In this case you will have the chance to discuss your differences. The wrong things that you’ve done in that past should be improved if you are planning to get back together. Never argue. Try to control your temper and be patient enough cos if positive results will come out, you will both benefit it.

If you really want your ex back and you think that you are meant for each other, do your best to win them back. Be more patient. Sometimes just standing back and do nothing could help also. Thru this you will be given a chance to think if what happened to your past relationship.

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