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Is he or she is capable of a second chance? If you will let him or her enter to my life again? Are you going to be happy again?

Why do you want your ex to come back? You miss him or you are afraid to be alone? Afraid that you cannot live without him or her?

Whether you’ve just been broke up with your ex, you're probably thinking already the possibility that your relationship will come to an end.

Can I really do something so that my ex would miss me?

There is a chance that your boyfriend already misses you.

How could you be sure of that?

Women worry that they’ve somehow crossed an invisible boundary and be sad about the end of the relationship. They are thinking about how they could let their ex miss them when they are devastated.

There are a lot of things that we think especially after break up.

Is it possible that my ex misses me when he’s in a new relationship? Of course, your ex will still miss you. Maybe he enters in a relationship because he just wants you to make jealous and see your reaction if you know about it. But the truth is he really misses you so badly.

Some tips that will make your ex-boyfriend misses you fast.

Make some new friends. Going out with someone else will help your ex-boyfriend think that if he doesn’t try to work things out with you soon, you will probably meet someone that will steal your heart.

If you really want your ex to miss you, you need to step outside of your comfort zone a bit.

Changing your hairstyle. Try a new hair color that will make you stand out. Your drawing out attention to yourself by changing up your color, if you accidentally saw your ex, don’t be surprised if you will catch his attention. Probably he will not recognize you at first, but when he does maybe he will be turned on and what he saw will mark his mind and will do everything in order to get you back

Unfriend your ex to social media. This will help your ex thinking of you, what already happened to you and will do everything in order to find you. By doing such, if you want to have any chance of making him miss you, he will start begging for a reconciliation.

Decline his invitations. If your ex starts to miss you, he will do his best and he will start throwing out hints about the two of you meeting up. When you decline his invitation, this will make him miss you even more. He will probably do his best in order to convince you to meet up.

Make a big change. Show to your ex that you can live independently. Do things that are extraordinary that you haven’t done before. Go out in the city to live a new life without him or her. I am pretty sure your ex will regret and will going to miss you a lot.

It's up to you how long you plan on keeping your distance to him.

No contact Rule. This has a double purpose: It can help you move on from a breakup and it will make your ex miss you.

Is your ex-boyfriend miss kissing you, holding your hands, making love, and jam with you?

What will you do so that he will miss you more?

This article is a great help…….

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