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How to impress your EX: reasons for coming back

Updated: May 17, 2020

Not all people that are in a relationship are happy and contented. Sometimes they almost give their time to their partner and try to keep their relationship especially if it is full of struggle. When you already did everything but it doesn’t work, the ending is always break up.

After break up, for sure you are so stressed, depressed and you don't know if some people or your ex still find you attractive. You maybe feel less lovable, less sexy, less attractive, and desirable.

However, whatever happened to you, don’t listen to what people say. You can bring them back into your life. It can be done and happened to you again and again. The best part is you know how to deal with it.

There are simple ways on how you could impress your ex and probably by doing so, you can let him or her back:

1. Show your confidence. Show him or her that life must go on inspite without his or her presence. You have to let him or her see how smart and charming you are like what he or she knew during your first meeting. Show him or her that you can enjoy life without him or her.

The best thing you can do is to go out and live the best life you can. Just be yourself because anything to present a fake image will hurt you in the end. If you live with positive thoughts and you are not affecting somebody else with what you are doing, trust me, you can find a much better partner that for sure you will treasure for the rest of your life.

2. You have to be consistent. Never underestimate consistency. Whether your goal is to attract men or women, consistency is the key in order to keep them. Although you become successful to impress them and win them back, they are capable to make their life so exciting as they were before.

Make them a happy man or woman by always remembering their especially days. At least for women, give her a flower during anniversaries, date her so that she will feel special.

3. Do the things that made him or her turned on. Let him see again the things that he or she loves most when you are still in good terms. Things that will make them so special and magical. What really pushes their buttons and makes them always smile when you are still together. This will made them think about what to do next.

4. Show to them that you changed and start building your new you. Yes, breaking up brings you so much pain, stress, and sometimes depression. But you have to compose yourself or rebuild again so that if you are planning to win your ex back, this is could help much in attracting them.

Try to go to the gym, salon, and hang out with new friends. So that your focus is not always on your ex. Start it to have a new you physically. I am sure when your ex will see you he or she will start thinking and planning to win you back.

Show to them that you have changed. What causes your break up? Who and what is the reason that you end up both hurt and crying?

5. You have to work out what kind of person your ex is attracted to. Who are the people that they usually hang out right now? Do a little bit of stalking to social media and if he or she doesn’t tell you exactly who they are seeing right now, your action will tell you so. Do a little bit of effort.

Remember when you ex left, he or she might think that they knew your life routine already. He might probably think if you are the best partner for them. You have to show to them that there is more to you, that you are the best partner and they will regret what they’ve done or what happened to your relationship.

Unlike men, women have also different ways on how they could be attracted and win them back. Women desire men who are happy with themselves. And if you want her to be back again in your life, you have to double your effort. Women are not hard to win back. Just show to them that you are capable enough and show to them that you already changed. That no matter what you did you are still capable to be the man of her dream.

Always think of ways on how to impress your partner whether you are still together or you broke up. In the end you will feel that the effort that you are doing or you did is so worth it.

Good luck…….

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