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How to get your ex back for good?

Updated: May 22, 2020

It's not hard to get your ex back especially if you still love each other. What is not easy is to keep them and to have a strong relationship.

After a breakup, you will feel different emotions that will surely make you miss your ex. You want probably to pick up the phone, call and tell them how you really miss him or her. It only shows that you want your ex back.

What happened to you complicate things. I know you want your ex to be back, however, you also want also to move on. You know that your ex has a fault but your heart really tells you to let him or her back. You are thinking that you really want to be with that person again, for better or for worse.

Here are ways on how you can get your ex back for good.

1. Don’t post about what happened to you and your ex on social media. Your friends will let you know what happened to you and your ex. Never post negativity on social media cos its really stupid to get more attention by being negative. No one would never like to give that kind of attention. Your ex also would never like if you will do that thing, being public on what happened to both of you.

2. You didn’t break up because of cheating, abusing, or violence. Remember that relationships that ends because of physical and emotional abuse, cheating, violence, and other differences in core values are rarely salvageable because they can break trust and respect.

If your reasons for breaking up include things that are just simple like a misunderstanding or just you both freak out at that time, the chances of getting back is so high.

3. Give them enough space and let the time heal the wound that you both have. Take your time and give your ex enough space. Both of you need some time to reflect on yourself and the things that went wrong in the relationship. Give both of you enough time so that when you see each other again, it would be easy for you to start all over again if you want to.

Yes, you will take a risk if you will give space and time, cos your ex might start to move on. However this is the best way so that both of you could realize everything. Thus, if you want to be back again, both of you could do it easily.

4. Never communicate with your ex. During your no contact period, both of you are not advised to text, call, or even stalk in your social media accounts. You must control the sudden urge to message them and tell them that you are missing them so badly.

This could help you a lot because by giving each other space, you will realize if you truly love him or her.

Sending your ex with a hundred messages will not help you because it will just only make you look desperate. Go out with your friends so that you could not just focus on your ex.

Remember that you already cut all the communication that you have with your ex, so don’t pretend and wait for his or her call.

Cutting off communication with your ex is the best way so that you can think if you want to move on or just bring him or her back.

5. Improve yourself. Start creating your new you. During your relationship, you probably lost a lot. You might be lost your career and other opportunities because all your time was devoted to your relationship, trying to save it.

Start focusing on how to improve yourself. Change yourself inside and out and just make sure that that you are changing not for your ex but for yourself.

Try getting a new haircut, hair color, and hit the gym. Also, it includes changing your negative traits.

There are lots of ways on how you can attract your ex back, however, it is really up to you on how you will do it and attract your ex. There are lots of articles and videos that will help you on how to make your ex back that might be your guide in doing so, however it is really up to you on how you will exert an effort on how to win your ex back successfully.

Be more confident and start to change the negative traits that your ex really doesn’t want. Trust me, everything would be great and you can win your ex back for good.

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