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How to get revenge with your ex?

Getting revenge with your ex is not necessary anymore. For me it means that you’re just lowering yourself to his level and it burdens you with emotional baggage.

Revenge inflict hurt or harm on someone for an injury or wrong done. It is also immature and of course it's hurting you as well.

Sometimes you do revenge because you are hurt so bad and they hurt us to that point that there is almost nothing left on us.

There are so many ways on how to get revenge with your ex and if you are trying too this article could be your best guide in doing so. Getting revenge will also affect you since you will be hurting the one you love and become part of your life.

Achieving revenge is best done right away after you separated. You should consider revenge 3 to 7 days after break up. In this case, you can calm down and think of a more logical way on how you can do it…do not use your emotion.

Bear in mind that no revenge on your ex is better than doing good for yourself.

Low-value revenge. This is the one we often do and for us it's just for fun. This includes calling your ex attention to social media, spraying paint on their car, putting chewing gum on their chare (if you are classmates), and other things that will catch their attention and remind them that you are angry for what they did.

High-Value Revenge. This is something that will make your ex regret breaking up with you.

Speak what is on your mind. What hurt so bad is to tell your ex what is on your back without holding back. This is not the time for you to be polite and watch your language and manners.

This is your chance to tell everything you want straight from your face. You can yell, swear or insult them.

After you did this, at least your anger will be lessened without doing any actual harm to the other person. What is not good in this approach is maybe your ex will not take it seriously and there is no effect on them. For me, if your ex is like this, I will think of the best way on how I can revenge on them.

Hang out with his or her friend and family even his or her exes. Being close to their family and friends are what we want during our relationship. However at this time, it seems that our ex doesn’t want us to be close to them. The best way of revenge is you are enjoying hanging out with them. After all they were your friends also and they have no right to kick you out of their lives.

Go to the parlor, spa, and pamper yourself. Get your hair, nails, makeup, and other assets done. Take some time on how to make yourself better so it just not only beautify you but also will help boost your confidence.

Post on social media and other ways so that they will know what your ex did to you. Embarrassing your ex to the public for all that they did to you is another effective way of revenge. Tell everyone about the way he treated you. You are the victim and you are not to blame for putting with him or not knowing better.

If your ex is an abuser, you have a moral obligation to talk loudly about everything that has happened. In this case you are also helping other victims. Tell everyone you know how asshole your ex is.

If you have some proof that he is abusing you, never hesitate to share it with the public. Show it to the public as soon as you are correct.

Delete everything especially good memories that will help you remember him or her. Acting as if he never existed in your life is one of the effective ways of revenge. When you accidentally see each other, act as if you are not affected by what happened, though it is hurting a lot.

Never show him that you are still hurt and don’t be too happy for seeing him either. Delete all your pictures together and if it is needed, give him back all of his stuff.

In this way, you want to show them that you want to forget everything and you want to move on and get rid of their lives.

Make him think you have someone new. This is the most common revenge that they are doing. I have experienced this and it's too effective. Since your ex doesn’t want you to be with another partner, they will do their best in order to win you back. That is depending on the impact of your break up. If you do this, you have to think that you are just doing this in order to make your ex jealous, don’t engage yet on a serious date.

Believe me, acting like you have someone new will make your ex crazy.

Make yourself happier than ever. This is such great revenge. You are also helping yourself out. Love yourself because when you are in a relationship you just focus on it without knowing that you are already lost. So loving yourself and being happy is indeed the best type of revenge.

Earn a lot of money. Just remember that you are single now. You don’t have to spend on your ex expenses. You ex want your life to be miserable. Focus on your career and earn more money.

Be financially stable. Show to them that even they are already out in your lives, you can be more responsible for uplifting your career. You have more time to work hard and you can save a lot of money for a huge trip. You can already work so hard because nobody will disturb you.

After break up, whether it is revenge or not, you have to do your best in order to move on. So while moving on you are not aware that, that is already revenge because you are starting to care for yourself and crossing the road of being happy alone.

Work hard for the betterness, not for bitterness.

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