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It’s so painful when a rebound relationship happened to us. This occurs very shortly after the end of significant love.

Rebounds don’t allow time for the grieving and healing process to complete. A person had just gotten out of a long term relationship, is likely still hurting from that breakup, and grabs onto another person to bury the pain.

How can you really tell yourself not to be hurt and panic knowing that your ex is in someone's arms already and you haven’t moved on yet? Knowing that your ex is having sex and kissing someone else with their rebound at this very moment.

How could you really understand that situation when you are still grieving and your ex is already happy with someone else.

What is a rebound relationship?

It’s a relationship formed very soon after a breakup when grieving and moving on is not yet done. The chance of a rebound relationship having a long term is too low since it will take time for you to heal from a break up so that you don’t bring baggage into your new relationship.

Rebound relationships began when you’re hurting from a past relationship and you strive to avoid the pain by jumping into a new one.

As per experience, rebound relationship seldom succeeds cos you are hopping to other relationships when in fact you are not yet done with your failed relationship. Using each one of us trying to let go or coping up with the past break up.

Trying out new relationships can be less risky if both partners are honest with each other about their goals.

If you are looking for a long-term, it’s best for you to step away and let the person fully heal before starting something new. However, if you are happy having a casual fling, then, by all means, a rebound can be a lot of fun.

Here is the best signs that you are in a rebound relationship.

You’re just dating but you feel that you are already in an established relationship.

It happened to me. I was in a relationship for more than 9 years then and when I saw this guy wherein when I saw him, I really want him. Then I am the one who makes a move and while we are getting to know each other, I felt that we are already in a deep relationship. Until it came to the point that I want to break up my boyfriend. It never helped me because my life was ruined cos my ex never accept my decision, too broke him up. Then after that, I realized that the new one is just making me as his rebound cos he just broke up with his ex.

They want to show to the world that they have a new.

Sometimes they just want to make you jealous. A person on the rebound will deliberately seek out a new partner who makes a strong effort at courtship and shower the rebounding individual with interest and affection. They want a rebound relationship also in order to show to their friends that he was not hurt with the past.

They compare you to their ex

It usually happened, you are always being compared to their ex. If you are feeling like it’s a competition, it may be because its how the person either validates that the ending was a good decision.

They are using you for sex

The most painful part. To know that you are just a rebound and just using you for sex. It hurts when you are trying to make your relationship work and your partner is only in it for the sexual distraction.

There are also several reasons why your ex started a relationship immediately after break up. When this happened to us, we are hurt big time. Do they don’t love us anymore? Does this mean my ex never loved me? Does my ex easily move on?

The situation really sucks. If you are still recovering or grieving and your ex is dating someone else, you’re going ask if why it happened so quickly. You will be glad if you will know that this is not true.

Here is the possible reason why your ex is dating someone else after break up.

They want to move on easily. Most people from break up really want themselves to get rid of this pain not thinking that it will never help. They merely believe that the best way to move on is to start a new relationship right after break up. This usually happened during our college life where we are not yet after with long term relationships.

For sex and for fun. Most people especially men, get enter into a new relationship after break up because they miss sex. If you feel that there is no emotional connection when intimate with her, that could be a sign that he or she is just after with sex. Also, some of them want to have a new relationship just for fun so they will have some friends or people to get along with.

Too painful and they want to get rid out of it. Sometimes they tried rebound relationships because they don’t want to lose momentum and pause to feel the pain of all of this. Always remember that the fact that they are seeing someone new doesn’t automatically mean that they are happy now. They just want to ease the pain that they cannot almost manage it.

To make you jealous. Your ex is wounded and they are thinking of the best way on how to get your attention. Making you jealous is one of the best reasons why your ex tries to hop to a new relationship. If this happened your ex is very immature.

To have a casual date. Especially for men, dating is very rewarding for them, especially after a painful breakup. It is their way to get rid of the painful result of what happened to them. If your ex is like this he or she is not looking for a serious relationship. They are just doing it for fun.

To show it to other people that they are not affected by what happened. They are thinking that if you jumped into a new relationship, people that what happened is okay to you, that you are not affected anymore. Sometimes your ego is the reason to enter a new relationship easily after break up.

Your ex didn’t leave you because they wanted to be with another person. They ended the relationship because they doubted your ability to make them happy longterm.

How you could avoid rebound relationship, GET YOUR EX BACK.

Solve the problem with your past. Never jump into a new relationship right away. Yes, it’s too hard to accept that it is over, but jumping into a relationship will not help you. When you felt that you are emotionally vulnerable and in particular, lonely, it can be hard to rationalize all the attention you are receiving. Just remember that whether your new love interest knows about your recent breakup or not, you don’t need to make emotional decisions without the potential of long term consequences.

Figure out what went wrong with your last partner. You have to make sure that you understand why your past relationship ends up. If you are still affected by your past, don’t just enter into a new one.

Let go of the past. Acceptance could help you a lot. Face and deal with your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical issues before you start a new relationship.

Deal with your desperation or fear. Simple, if your heart is still broken, make sure you're healing. Don’t jump into a new relationship because it's so unfair when your new partner wants a serious one.

If you are still in love with your ex, deal with it. Don’t enter a new relationship just because you want to ease or lessen the pain that you are feeling right now.

You want your ex to look at you and think that you already move on when in fact you are too much in pain? Rebound relationships could never help. You, yourself could help you ease the pain that you are suffering from break up.

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