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Is it hard when you want to get your ex back if she is already with another’s arm? Is there any way that we could do in order to be successful in winning her back again?

It is possible, but you need to ask yourself if that is what you truly want. An ex is an ex for a reason. If you get back together, do you think your relationship will last long?

If your ex is seeing someone else, you’ll have to use different strategies and don’t just focus on getting back together, you have to plan a precise action that will help you handle things to be much easier, on how to get your ex back.

In this case, you have to relax because the more you declare your love to your ex, the smaller your chances will be of getting back together.

I am very much in love with your ex however they are already in someone else, is there any chance for us to be together again?

If you know that your ex is dating someone new, you have to remain calm. Any negative attitude against your ex will definitely lose your chance to win her back.

Just remember that there are possible reasons why your ex left you for someone else.

a. She cannot control your behavior. Maybe you change a lot and you are not the same as what you are from the start.

b. She didn’t feel respected in the relationship.

c. She was too bored in the relationship. That is why a guy with a sense of humor is very important. Try to consider each other as friends so that you don’t become so serious with each other. It could help a lot in order to keep your relationship.

d. Her needs never met. Yes, girls want to have a brighter future with their man. If she feels that her man won't have any plan, she might change her mind. Try to look for others who can give everything to her.

Make a better and unique plan on how you could get your ex back without changing her mind. Try to show to your ex that you already changed a lot. That you will do your best in order to have a better and happy relationship when you get back together. You have to show also to her your worth as her partner.

There are a lot of tips that will help you on how you could get your ex back, as you wish:

1. You have to understand why your relationship didn’t work as much as you want to. Why did we break up? Am I the one who got wrong? Why is it that our relationship became toxic then?

Sometimes a woman would break up to a guy and just giving to him the reason why she broke up, however, not directly. On the other hand, other women explain further why they split with the man they really love.

2. Never let them see that you are too upset about what happened and that you can live without her. It’s normal to be upset about losing your girl however you don’t have to show to her that it is almost the end of the world without her.

Wanting an ex back is so normal and it is so easy if you will show to your ex that you are deserving to be given a second chance.

3. Don’t respect her new relationship. Remember that she is your woman, not his. So it's normal that you will show to your girl that you are better than him. Never look at him as a guy who is better than you and he has to with him now because she broke up with you and she is more than happy right now.

You have to be calm and be easy going about it. Get want you to want. You want her to be back right? So don’t avoid catching up with her because you are thinking that it is disrespectful.

4. Don’t point out bad things about the man that she is in a relationship right now in order to make him look bad. Yes, you don’t need to respect their relationship however, never say bad things to the man that he is in right now. Never put that man down.

Just do positive things that will help you bring your girl into your arms again.

5. Don’t see him as better than you. Breaking up with you brings you so much pain and the pain will be double because she is now with the other guy. You might also see that she is already happy with her new guy. You keep on imagining that she feels more secure with her guy right now and she is happier than before when she was with you.

Bear in mind that thinking like that will not help you, thus it will bring yourself down.

Do your best if you want to get your ex back. Just let her feel that you are worth fight for.

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