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How to easily attract women

How can men please women? What are the things they really wanted? Is it material things?

How many times can you see a beautiful girl that is almost near you and not say a word for her? She is the type of girl that you want and without a doubt, you would love to have her for the rest of your life.

That time when you completely freeze up and paralyze and nobody could help you except you. ONLY you…….

Right away, you can get in your head and start making excuses on how you can approach her.

Here are the tips…..

Manners. It's so attractive when you have a sense of pride. Respect your girl and be gentle all the time. Remember during your date for example in a restaurant, if you are rude to your waiter, then that is too turn off.

Be educated. We, women, want a man that will be able to share advice to her even on personal things that have been taught. This builds a connection and shows a sense of strength and stability in a man. Women like men if he is also like so talented.

With sense of humor. Girls love a man if they are not boring. They love those who are with a sense of humor and can make them laugh.

Goals and values. It is a turn on to a woman if a man has goals in life. A man without values has no self-discipline. We, women lost attraction if we are finding it hard to discover who you are.

Purpose. Simple..what is your purpose in dating women? Men just want to find the right women for the rest of their lives. If it is their purpose in dating a woman they have to show that they are sincere so that women will consider their intention.

Build sexual tension. Listen men, if you respect your girl and not mentioning about sex too fast, I am pretty sure your girl would love your intension. For us, it is a big score and it only means that we are being respected.

There are lots of ways on how you could attract us, women. It only depends on how you handle and how you do it. We are not choosy. We just want to be respected all the time.


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