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Break up….this is the worst part of the relationship wherein lovers need to be away from each other. They need to end up the relationship that they have because for them it is already toxic.

There are different ways on how you could handle things after a breakup and I am sure we have different approaches depending on how everything ends.

Ending a relationship sometimes results in depression and the worst is anxiety. I always told my friends and even my family that once you entered a relationship, take note that you are committed already and you need to be responsible enough to the consequences that might happen. Always be ready for the pain that it may give to you.

Sometimes, a breakup means one or both individuals moving out of a previously shared living space. Regardless of how horrible your break up maybe, there are ways to cope with a breakup and make things better.

Coping with the pain that you suffer after break up is not easy but you need to help yourself. Here are the things that I hope could help you on how to do it and eventually will have a better result.

1.) As much as possible stay away with your ex. Give each other space. Don’t allow yourself to always see each other. This will make your situation too worst.

“If you love someone set them free. If they come back, it means nobody else liked them. Set them free again. “ If you will analyze these words, this might be true. You decided to broke up with your ex and it will never happen if you both work together in order to keep what you have. So to be with each other again might not be easy. Make the best decision.

Sometimes it is so hard to kick your ex off the pedestal but if you need to do it, do it. A one-time big-time pain is better rather than giving him or her another chance and then you will be hurt again.

In order to make your life easy, think of the negative things that happened when you are still in each other’s arms. The pain that he or she gave to you. Accept that for whatever reason, the relationship simply wasn't meant to be and realize that you have a lot to offer to someone who is looking for someone like you.

2.) Seek advice. Talk to the people who could help you with your situation. They may be your friends or family or sometimes it's better to ask a counselor especially if the pain that you have are too traumatic.

Take time to your friends and family because they are the people whom you are given less time when you are in a relationship.

Hang out with friends who will help you realize that you need to love yourself. Take a vacation, engage in sports, gym, and other things that will help you divert your mind instead of giving time thinking with your ex.

Do everything that could help you forget about your ex. It is better also to focus on yourself and to the career that you wasted.

3. You have to listen to your gut. One of the hardest things that may happen after break up is the feeling that you may start over. I wasted so much time on my ex. It's so hard when you look around and all of them are paired up and you left behind.

Sometimes, you need to take time and take a deep breath of what happened. But if you are already ready and finally want to start a new life with someone new, then it's your choice.

4.) Start Dating Again!

When you decided to go out with someone that you want to be with again, you must see to it that you are already finished with your ex. You already moved on and finally, you already accept what happened to you because if not your new one will be just your rebound.

No matter what you think, there are people out there who would love to meet you. It is normal that you will take time for yourself to truly grieve the loss however, you don't need to stay stuck in this phase for too long.

Start meeting new people through friends, work school, social activities, and dating websites. If the thought of meeting something new makes you happy, excited, and optimistic for the future then chances are, you’re ready to give love a try.

If you accept everything that happened to you then you can easily move on. Still, you are the one who will decide it for yourself.

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