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How do you know if its time to Give up on Him…

No one would love to break up without a fight. I don’t want to leave this relationship even I am so hurt already. I want to fight for it because we are with each other for so long already.

The question is: Is it worth fighting for? Are you not tired fighting for it when in fact you are the only one working so that your relationship will work?

How do you know when it’s time to let go of all of those beautiful moments and stop fighting to make them relevant again?

1. When you are tired and your relationship is already taking over other areas in your life. Your mind is already consumed and you stop caring. You are already tired of what happening in your life. You just want to let go and take whatever it is. At this moment, your relationship is not healthy anymore and might as well think about it and probably its time to give up.

2. When he told you that he cannot picture the future with you. It's too painful part. I experience this and when my ex told me like this, I felt that it is already the end of the world because I loved him so much. I am doing everything for our future. I worked hard for our future. So that our dreams will come true.

That time, I almost want to give up but its already time to do so because I am so tired fighting for nothing. When a man says it, believe me it's true and almost no turning back.

3. You think about your relationship. You think over and over again and the last option is giving up. Like us, women, we never give up as simple as that. We just keep on fighting and sometimes we are already consumed. Until we become tired and the option left is to give up.

Every morning upon waking up, what is your on your mind is a question, Do I still deserve this situation? Is it still worth fighting for?

4. When you are the only one making an effort. It is almost obvious. When you are in this situation. Don’t ask yourself anymore. Just give up.

Hope this article could help you especially to women who are still confused when she needs to give up or fight. Fight until we want to give up…….

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