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How and why women test you and how to handle it

If a women test you it doesn’t necessarily mean that she doesn’t want you or she is just playing with you. If you have a prospect and she really loves you, you have to make him in love so deeply and have to pass her tests.

Women might not test you consciously but one thing and for sure she is doing it for her own purpose.

Remember that women have some traps that men fall into. The purpose of the test is not to adopt women’s need but she wants to find out more about you individually and about how you react to certain situations.

There are several reasons on how women will test you.

#1. To see and test if you can do the things that you are telling him. You cannot lie to us, women about your personality, and how you really feel about things. Women are better than FBI. She can investigate everything.

If for example you say, you want to see her, then stick by that. Set the date and make a plan. Never set a date and then flake on her last minute because for them that is turned off. Remember that the first impression lasts. Women will never forget the words you say. The things that happened.

#2. To tests your limits. Women want to see if you will be reactive to them or respond in a sensible way. It Is also their way of how they can test their temper. They also want to test their patience. If you easily react to a situation negatively, then know that about yourself and you change that situation on your own also.

#3. To see if you have an initiative or you can decide on your own. This is probably the most essential test that women need to do with a man. They just really want to find out if a man can stand with his own or have their own opinion. They want to know if a man would just agree or disagree with their opinion.

#4. To build attraction. The attraction is very important especially during courtship. Women test you so that she will know if there is already an attraction beforehand. Women like men is also looking for the best for them. They want to know if he is already the best man for him.

How women test men

Direct verbal challenge. This is the most common test. Thru conversation sometimes you are unaware that women are already testing you. They commonly react to what you are saying and sometimes always put you down.

Jealousy test. You have to show to a woman that you are not jealous. For example, during your first meet up, she will mention the name of a guy and will check you out if you are jealous, so never put them down.

When she talks to another man, never react. In this test, women will observe your reaction. If she flirts to another guy why you are on a date, never react as if you are so jealous. Women observe your moves.

Tests are being given to a man usually before courtship so that in this case women will observe men’s attitude and depending on which, she will show interests to a man.

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