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Breakup brings so much pain into our lives. Admit it or not, right after this, most of us are aiming to get our ex back. There are so many things that we are afraid off. To be alone, to go to the places that we used to be together and he or she is not with you anymore.

Have you tried to get your ex back, however, nothing happened? Everything didn’t work? Many of us make mistakes when deciding about our breakup. What they mostly do is to push away their exes and they feel that their decisions are correct, thus always end up with moving on.

However, if you will learn and reverse the mistakes that you are doing, do a little effort, anything would be possible. You can get your ex back.

We usually regret it when we decided to part ways with our partner but sadly, we cannot get back in time and change what is done. We think of many ways on how we can get our ex back even if it is already impossible.

Tips that you must know:

1. You have to determine why the breakup occurred. Learn from your mistake. Yes, you cannot get back into the past to change what is the reason for your breakup. However, it is so necessary to know what happened and who is the reason for breakup so that if in case you are the reason and your attitude is the big factor of it, you can change little by little if you want to get him or her back. Just learn from your mistake, try to grow from it, and increase your chance of reconciliation.

2. Talk about connection again. Just remind them of the good things that happened to both of you during your relationship. This will create a good impression in your hearts, thus will give you a high impression of coming back together.

3. You need to show to your ex that you are emotionally stronger. Be strong in coping with the breakup. Your ex is expecting the reverse one. He or she is expecting that you will fall apart, that you will find it hard to fight and cope with the pain that you have. If you will show to your ex that you are strong enough for everything, he or she will probably think of possible reconciliation.

4. Show them that you care. Even though you are already far apart, show to them that you really care. Use different ways on how you can still say I love you and I really care for you.

5. Don’t try to make them jealous. In this situation, that you want your ex to come back, though you know it is almost impossible, there is no room in making them jealous.

6. Always make things available to them. Even if you are a little bit busy, always be available to them. In that way, she will appreciate everything.

7. Be patient. Try your best to win your ex back but never force them to let them be with you. Give time and always be patient.

8. Help them through especially that they are on hard times. Though you are far from each other, help them get through bad times especially if they are sad.

9. Try to accidentally meet. If you are constantly communicating with each other, you can try to schedule a date, even a friendly date.

Whatever it takes, the choice is still yours. You can make impossible into possible if you will strive harder and you know how.

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