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Usually, if you are the one who felt guilty about your breakup, you will initiate and do things in order to get him back.

Sending text messages or messages is one of our main mode of communication these days. As a matter of fact, lovers do communicate well thru text and you could also do courtship on through this.

When it comes to getting your ex-back texting has a great advantage. Thru this, you can let your ex know how you miss him and that he wants you back.

You can use text messages if you want your ex-boyfriend back however, you need to use it wisely so that you can make your ex-boyfriend miss and want you.

1. Never text him starting with a fight. Getting his attention with a fight would never help you. You may get an answer from him however, never expect respect.

2. Never text when you are drunk. Most of the time, girls hangouts with their friends just to release the pain that they have. The tendency is when they are drunk, they start to send text messages to their ex, dramas, and being emotional.

3. Try to know if you really want to get your ex back or you just want him because you miss him and you are lonely. You need to make sure that you want to take him back because you want him to be with you for the rest of your life.

4. Don’t text him repeatedly if you don’t get a response. If he doesn’t respond, then just let him be. Repeated texting will hurt you more.

5. We all know that men are not good at handling emotional problems. Never get emotionally heavy. Never text him emotional messages, for example, I cannot live without you.

6. Don’t text him like over emotional text messages. Like you broke my heart and other dramatic text messages.

With texts, you are in full control of what you want to express, and when you want to send messages. Before you hit the sent button you can reread it for how many times. Make sure that you will not hurt your ex-partner's heart.

Here are a few things that you should remember in texting your ex.

a. Don’t expect a reply. Expecting a reply to your ex could hurt you more than you are feeling right now.

b. Never send a negative text.

c. Have a specific topic to text about.

d. Always be positive and exciting. This could help especially if your partner is on the process of grieving. Send him a text message that could motivate and help him cope up with the pain of break up.

Just remember that if your ex doesn’t reply, it only means that your ex doesn’t move on yet and needs more time. However, if there is no reply for a week or so, a week for a few weeks more and send him another message. Since your ex is mature about the situation, for sure he will send then a courtesy reply.

So what kind of text do you want to send to your ex? It’s really up to you. As soon as your main goal is to try to let him back, you are the one who will decide on how to make him do. Get your ex back for good.

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