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Break up always hurts. The pain is superb especially if you love the person so much.

What you will do if your ex says we have no chance of coming back together? Sometimes your ex will be going to tell you that we can be back together in the future. But do you think that it is true?

Remember that if they have the intention to come back they will never break up with you.

I just need space. I just want to find myself. I want to soul search. Trust me if I'm okay again. I'll be back. These words are such a fool. Most of your exes have a new one or want to jump into another relationship. So if you hear those words. Please don’t ever think that you have a chance to get back your ex.

Basically, if your ex broke with you it is because they want to be free in the relationship that they had with you. So if they say that there is a chance of coming back, maybe in the future. But at the moment one thing and for sure they don’t want to get back with you and the most painful is that they don’t want to be with you.

My ex told me that we have no chance of coming back together. Is it true?

Making a decision is not good whenever you are still angry with somebody. After your break up your ex is so pissed with you that is why you can hear all the painful words. Included there is we don’t have any chance of coming back together.

When you hear those words, you have to relax. Remember that if you want something, do everything that you need to do in order to get it.

There is always hope. Your ex is just trying to kill that hope. It is too painful but sometimes you have to really let go or either way, make some ways that will help you if you really want your ex to be back.

Here are the tips that will help you.

Believe that what your ex says is 100% true. Help yourself. Even it is true or not, you have to anticipate it. Start moving on. Try to live without them. Go out with friends and do everything that you need to do in order to start being happy without them. You just broke up and it is not yet the end of the world.

You have also to keep in mind that there is still a chance to get back in the future, but that chance is too small. So might as well move on.

Never try to convince them. Just start to move on. When your ex told you so, I mean that they want to be back together, accept it. IT’s fine if you will still contact each other but never talk about your relationship.

Since they are the one who is breaking up with you, they believe that you will always want to get back together with them.

The feeling that if they change your mind, you will quickly get back to them. So never tried to beg. The more you beg the less likely you are to get back together with your ex. Put yourself in your ex shoes, would you rather take back someone who is so desperate? Who is always pleading with you asking for a second chance? Who keeps on contacting you asking for forgiveness and begging that you will be back together? The answer is of course NO.

Start loving yourself. Focus on yourself. We know that being in a relationship sometimes is quite toxic for us especially if our partner is not so perfect to be one. After breaking up, you have to give attention to yourself. Transform physically and emotionally.

1. Go to salon, spa, and relax. Get your hair cut, put new color. Beautify your nails and have a massage. In this way, you would be relaxed and you will feel like a renewed one.

2. Hang out with friends and family. Go out with friends who could help you forget your situation right now. Now is a great time for you to reconnect with them because during your relationship you almost no time to be with them.

3. Focus on your career and school. This is your perfect time to give time to your career and school. Probably during your relationship you lost time to your career and school because you always focus on your ex.

4. Meet new friends. Going out with new friends could help a lot. New friends. New memories. New teams and new fun.

5. Find a new hobby that would never override your good memories with them. Join in a club like gold, hiking, and other outdoor sports that would help forget your ex.

Doing these things could start you moving on faster and maybe if your ex would tell you that okay, I need you. I want you to be with me again. So your answer would be NO.

As I’ve said, if your ex wants you to get back together, they will never hurt you. They will never break your heart. So if it happens, start to move on. Getting back together has a little chance. And I am speaking from my experience.

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