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There’s a lot of consequences if you break no contact rule. Breaking it is not good because you are setting yourself for the possible rejection and you know that it will result in breaking your heart again and at this time, it will probably be doubled than the pain that you felt right after a breakup.

You have to stick with no contact rule however, your heart tells you that you have to contact your ex otherwise, they might move on. It’s now or never.

People always considered breakup as their last choice. When they are too exhausted with their relationship and already have all options they usually think being away from each other would help a lot.

During no contact, both partners are given enough time to think, to focus on themselves, what was lost, and do everything that they want to do so that they could decide and think freely what they need to do. Whether to get their ex back or just let them go.

If you cannot wait for the right time, here’s what will happen (if you break no contact rule).

This period (no contact rule), you have so mixed emotions, and there is only one thing that you want to happen. To get your ex back. You can feel an overwhelming sadness, depression, and sometimes even anxiety. However, talking to your ex at this point in time would never help.

1. When you contact your ex, they might not reply. This is especially for women, if her ex contacted her for a long time, she might decide to ignore it already because:

a. She is angry with him. Women easily freak out and keep on thinking of the possible consequences that might happen during no contact.

b. She already moved on and doesn’t even care if he will contact or not.

c. She wants to test his confidence and see if he is strong enough to face her even though sometimes she already ignore him.

d. She is confused if what is really the meaning of his text. Does she is still interested in her or just playing a game?

e. She already turnoff because he is asking for another chance through text.

2. Reply only some of your ex’ texts, calls, or messages. If you break no contact rule, make sure that the message that you will send have sense. Bear in mind that your goal in contact with your ex is to make them feel that you still love and value him or her.

Never waste your time with pointless conversation. Always aim for the best in order for your ex to be back again. Do what is good for both of you. We know that there is still love however, you just need to reawaken it.

Just get it done.

3. You want to reply however you are afraid that you might be rejected. Women’s attitude after a breakup is unpredictable. Even though she already dumped, she still has feelings for her ex.

During no contact rule, your ex will try to move on and try to cope with the pain that they are suffering, however for sure they will go to miss you also. So rather than jumping at the chance to talk to them, they will be going to ignore their text messages and never reply.

So you will probably be asked yourself if you are going to break no contact rule with your ex.

If you will just wait and have enough patience, no contact rule could help a lot especially if you want to get your ex back. In this period, both of you are given a chance to think and decide on your past relationship. Whether you want it back or just move on.

However, breaking this is not good because you are about to experience a possible rejection and of course, you don’t want it to happened.

You really want to stick to no contact rule however, your heart is telling you, it’s now or never.

Let us just remember that all things, when it is done with the correct process, there is a good result at the end. Just try to wait for the right time.

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