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There are so many ways that you can do or at least give a try in order to improve your relationship with your partner. It is not always showing that you are and love them but sometimes you need to do the opposite. Remember that sometimes we learn from our own mistakes.

After a breakup, most partners tried to do the no contact rule. By not communicating with your ex, you can think freely if what happened to your past. Why does your relationship come to an end? Who’s fault is that? There are so many questions that sometimes being answered during no contact rule. This is a period wherein sometimes couples come back together and others bid goodbye for good.

No contact rule does help a lot…

In this period, you give time to your friends and to your social life. One of the main reasons why both partners break up because they lost social life. Their relationship becomes bored anymore. No life, no happiness that is why partners are looking for their own happiness outside there relationship.

They felt that they almost lost their friends. When this happened to both of you, never think that your partner is cheating already. No contact rule could help you a lot. At this stage, both of you could social into your real world.

Understand that you could be happy with or without your partner. After your breakup, sometimes you are almost down and depressed. You are thinking that you cannot leave without your ex. However, you have to take away that mindset. Bear in your mind that you can be happy with or without your ex.

Give your time for yourself. Focus on yourself because during your relationship you almost don’t have time even to your friends and family. You just focus on how you could keep your lost relationship. Doing the things that you like will make you happy and fulfilled.

In this period, you will learn how to value yourself as a person without your ex at your side. You will also realize your worth and you will never settle for anything lower than you deserve.

Gain clarity. When you are apart already, you can think well. Things become clear and you use your head more than your heart to understand what is happening. The decision really lies in your hands and when you see further what is your worth, you can decide if you have to let go of your ex for good or you will do everything to win his or her back.

Remember that having a long-distance relationship with your loved one is already tough as it is. For example, you are forcing yourself to wake up because it’s a morning where we are, and it is the only time that we have. When we are celebrating our special days without our loved one.

How to maintain a long-distance relationship…

A long-distance relationship is a little bit harder to keep. If you are in such, you need to double your effort so that your relationship will become successful.

1. Don’t expect too much, do more. Expectations sometimes hurt. If you are in a long-distance relationship, you might as well do more rather than expect a lot. This will give you better satisfaction.

2. Trust. This is such a big word TRUST, which is the foundation of a long-lasting relationship. You will never stay in a relationship that will doubt you so much. When you are apart from each other, never think of negative things that might happen to both of you. Sometimes being paranoid is the root cause of the breakup.

If you love each other, trust is a bigger factor than could help in order to keep your relationship, no matter how far you both are.

3. Communication is very important. If you are in a long-distance relationship, you have to make time to call or send messages to your partner. Whether it is a good or bad day, communication before the end of the day is necessary.

4. Give time to your hobbies. You have to do more activities so that you will think less. Loneliness is another problem that most people can’t stand alone and usually, the ending of this is a breakup. In order for you to solve the loneliness problem, make yourself busy.

Being in a long-distance relationship is normal if you love each other so much. Never destroy your relationship with the things that just bother you and will lead to negative results.

Like a normal relationship, no contact rule could work and help you a lot in order to get your ex back.

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