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Do guys expect sex on the first date?

It made me think about why men are inherently more sexual than women. It can make me paranoid when it comes to men and their sexual relationship.

It always happened during your first date especially when a women show a positive attitude to a man. Man always offer or try to sleep with women. When women agree on it, then the worst thing might happen.

I can say that the first impression lasts especially during your first meet up. A guy will be a shame to a girl if she can is capable to be respected.

What women think about having sex during the first meet.

Most women don’t want to have sex on a first date because they don’t want to be objectified by men.

There are plenty of male outliers to the rule, and plenty of women who love sex and go out on dates with the intention of getting laid.

What men think about sex on a first date.

If you give your everything to your man when in fact you just need to know each other, according to my guy friend, women like that are not for a serious relationship.

But for some, if they are not attracted to their date, they will never ask to sleep with her. However, if they are attached, they will probably ask permission to sleep with for the first or second date.

According to them, that does not mean they are lacking good values. They said that they are making themselves a MAN.

For me, SEX on the first date is not really good. I easily turned off to a guy who wants sex on our first meet up since for me he is not serious.

It also depends on what kind of relationship you want. It's up to you to set boundaries.

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